Becomes First Travel Site to Offer US Flights to Cuba

In a world where travel is becoming more convenient and affordable with the touch of your fingertips, CheapAir has done it again by being first in line to offer flights from coast to coast across America. This time enabling Americans looking for their next Cuba adventure all they need on one easy site: 

The wait is finally over. CheapAir has launched a new service to help Americans get where they need without any obstacles in Cuba, following the Obama administration’s recent regulations aimed at easing travel restrictions for Cubans and American citizens alike.

The company just announced that it will be providing US flights to Cuba, which were previously unavailable due largely because of Fidel Castro-imposed laws against tourism until now. This follows decades’ worth of airplane signs being written off as “forbidden” territory. How times have changed. 

In fact, CheapAir is the first online travel agency that has become available with its easy-to-use website where you can book US flights to Cuba – ensuring that there are no more worries about visa trouble or expensive hotel stays.

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Obama Regulations

Americans are now able to travel freely to Cuba, with the new regulations easing restrictions on U.S citizens traveling there for tourism or business purposes.

Under the new regulations set forth by President Obama, travelers are no longer required to obtain a license or wait in line for their US flights to Cuba, but they must have an approved reason like professional networking meetings or educational exchanges between our two countries’ universities.

The law allows people who are visiting family members in Cuba under these situations as well; however, they still require permission before boarding their flight there as everyone else does.

As long as the trip falls within these guidelines then there’s nothing stopping you from planning that dream vacation. 

About Cheap Air

Airline tickets are expensive and time-consuming to buy, but not with Cheap Air. This incredible travel company has the world’s most extensive flight inventory, with information on every airline out there so you can choose your flight without delay.

Headquartered in Calabasas, CA, and backed by a team of 90 travel enthusiasts is the world’s leading airfare search engine.

Their proprietary algorithm uses cutting-edge technology to scour through countless flights with prices available on every continent for less than you would expect. 

They make it easier than ever before so that its customers can quickly find what they need when buying airline tickets all while providing superior customer service including showing which amenities come standard with each flight type such as food or drink options during your business trip.

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