A Peek Inside the World’s First Private Boeing 747-8

The Boeing 747-8 is an immense, 20 foot wide, and long passenger jet. This massive airliner can carry over 450 people in one cabin. There are also reports that the next Air Force One will be based on this aircraft design. 

A company called Greenpoint Technologies based out of Kirkland Washington has built one of these impressive planes for an undisclosed private owner after spending three years on its custom interior. A new era is about to start with these innovations flying high over the middle earth’s oceans blue skies.

Turning an aircraft into a yacht is no small feat, but the company did so for those who have enough money. A private Boeing 747-8 turns out to be one expensive airplane with its $368 million price tag – if you want your own flying mega-yacht then this may just do it.

Greenpoint Technologies has kept the identity of the client secret and refuses to name them or even provide photos of what the magnificent private Boeing 747-8 looks like. However, to put the roaring audience at ease and answer a few questions, the company did provide digital designs giving a vague idea of what the interior of the jet may look like. 

Upon an evaluation of the digital rendering, the jet is reported to have two gigantic lounge areas enough to seat more than a dozen people, a sufficiently large master bedroom, a relatively spacious guest bedroom, and as odd as it sounds, an office space. 

The world’s governments and a handful of those at the very highest level use private jets for their executive transport. This includes airlines such as Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, or United Arab Emirates Air Force One, to name just a few.

Only the wealthiest have ordered this type of aircraft from Boeing company which makes it no wonder that owning one can be an indicator of wealth too.

The private Boeing 747-8 jet was designed so high-profile clients could fly in luxury with all amenities available onboard without having any worries about its safety features since they were built by experts who know what matters most when flying around expensive machinery like these. The 747-8 jumbo jets are especially focused on comfortability and privacy. In essence, they’re a shield against outside interference.

The 747-8 jet is a unique aircraft that can be seen around the world now. Though it was created for executive transport, this jet has found success with countries like Qatar who use them as their head of state’s own personal airliner in addition to being used by governments all over Europe and the Asia Pacific region too.

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