Air France Launches First Class Suites For Over $9,000

Air France is going head-to-head with other airlines in a race to woo high flyers. The new “haute couture” suite from Air France will have one ticket costing €9,000 for that luxurious flying experience you deserve.

In addition to being spacious and comfortable with all the amenities anyone could need—a seat that reclines into an elegant bed stretching 2 meters long and 77 centimeters wide (6 feet 7 inches by 30 inches), personal butler service at your request 24/7 including during takeoff or landing if necessary—you might also enjoy some exclusive perks like priority check-in line, access on international flights plus automated luggage delivery once baggage claim opens up. 

The armrests of this high-quality seating can be retracted to give you plenty of space (77 cm wide) for your arms. With a push of a button, the seat transforms into a fully flat bed two meters long with enough room for two people. It doesn’t get much better than this. 

Air France is a step ahead of the competition in Asia’s luxury-seating race, as it unveiled its new first-class section on Wednesday. With an expected rise in the number of high fliers around China and other parts of Asia soon to follow suit for international travel opportunities, Air France knew they had better get their act together quickly.

The newest airways for this type of service were made available in Shanghai and come with a host of amenities that will make traveling more comfortable during long trips or cruises such as:

  • individual television screens in each cabin where passengers can watch their favorite show while waiting at airports; 
  • free wifi access throughout the plane which helps pass time when there isn’t much else going on around you (or even work); 
  • complimentary drinks including wine from gifted vineyards; 
  • customized meals created just how we want them served fresh off your plate.

Air France has installed the largest ever HD touch screens on its planes. The airline says that each guest will enjoy their own personal 24 inches (61 cm) screen which is capable of playing movies, showing maps, and providing other entertainment options for passengers; it also offers live TV via YouTube or Netflix Instant access as well. 

With this new in-flight entertainment system, Air France hopes to offer passengers not only comfort but also an entertaining experience. With 76 HD touch screen monitors aboard their Boeing 777 jets and up €50 million ($70 million) spent on them so far–the company claims it’s one of the largest ever seen on board—passengers will be able to enjoy flying with both ease and style.

The company has invited journalists from around Europe to China’s commercial hub city in the order they may see firsthand this innovative feature of their service during a trip sponsored by expenses paid accommodation expenses.

This luxurious suite includes a private wardrobe and ottoman to make it feel like you’re inviting your best guest during the trip. Imagine arriving at your destination feeling relaxed, knowing that anything from baggage tags to cocktails has been neatly tucked away in one place.

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