The Most Luxurious United Club Airport Lounges in the World

When it comes to luxury, there is no better place than the United Club airport lounges which can be found in many major airports around the world. Flying can be a stressful experience, but the United lounges offer a luxurious escape from the crowds and endless security lines. 

Step into one of these fabulous United lounges and you’ll feel like royalty. They offer a wide range of amenities and services that will make your travel experience much more enjoyable. The best part is that they are all over the world so no matter where your next flight is taking you, there will be an airport lounge nearby.

As we head into the holiday season, we wanted to share with you our favorite airport United lounges around the world so you can find one near you. 

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One of the Best United Lounges in Boston, MA – Logan International Airport

The United Club at Boston Logan International Airport is a favorite for those traveling to and from the Northeastern U.S., Canada, and Mexico. 

Location: Located on the Mezzanine Level of Terminal B near Gate 24, this club offers amazing views of both runways as well as great shopping nearby. 

Services: It features all-day dining with breakfast options such as eggs benedict or avocado toast as well as lunch items like sandwiches and salads so you can refuel before your flight.

If you want something even lighter, there are also snacks available throughout the day including fruit, yogurt parfaits, and granola bars plus sweet treats like pastries which we love. There’s no better way to end one meal than by starting another in an airport lounge.

Operational hours: You can get in early with a Priority Pass or you can enter between the hours of Monday-Saturday: 05:00 AM to 8:00 PM; and Sunday 05:00 AM -7:30 PM

The United Club Airport Lounge at Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD)

Location: This united lounge is located on Level Three of Terminal One across from Gate B6 and offers VIP services for those traveling on Star Alliance carriers such as Air Canada, Lufthansa, etc., but also provides free membership access to travelers who are not flying with any alliance member airlines. There’s no need for restrictions when it comes to enjoying this space. 

Services: When you’re craving something sweet, this lounge will not disappoint. In addition to a self-serve dessert bar with rotating selections from local bakeries in the city which is always full of chocolatey goodness, there’s also an espresso and cappuccino machine so you can enjoy your favorite beverage at any time during your flight. 

The United Club offers alcoholic drinks including beer and wine along with nonalcoholic options like smoothies, juices, fresh fruit cups, and soft drinks for those who prefer to keep it on the lighter side while traveling or are flying overnight.

When you enter the club there’s a buffet area where guests can choose from hot entrees such as ham and cheese croissants or pasta salad plus cold items like yogurt parfaits and fruit salad. You’ll also find a full-service dining area where you can sit down for a meal or snack.

Operational hours: The lounge is open daily from 05:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

The United Club Airport Lounges in Los Angeles International (LAX)

Location: Tom Bradley International Terminal 7, Level Three of the South Satellite Lobbies across from Gate 71 on the upper level. 

Services: Spa treatments available on site. Showers are also located here for passengers to use before their flight. Business suite with desk and printer for use by all travelers in the lounge. Passengers also get access to fast Wi-Fi and watch TV as well as have premium wine and liquor. 

Operational Hours: Open from 5:30 AM to 11:30 PM every day / Elevated restaurant offers light snacks during breakfast hours. Lounge closing times vary depending on flight schedules/operations but typically remain open until 11 pm or later during busier periods. 

Passengers Currently Allowed: Business Class passengers, Star Alliance Gold members, and United Club Members.

The United Club International Airport Lounges in San Francisco (SFO)

Location: Concourse G, near Gate 98 on the third level of the International Terminal. 

Operating Hours: Open 24 hours daily; Lounge closing times vary depending on flight schedules/operations but typically remain open until 11 pm or later during busier periods. 

Passengers Currently Allowed: Business Class Passengers and United Club Members who are also MileagePlus Premier members. The business suite offers a private meeting room for small groups to meet before their flights as well as a workspace with computer stations for use by all travelers in the lounge and complimentary printing capabilities available throughout operating hours.

Services: The new club in International Terminal offers great amenities including WiFi and restrooms on two floors as well as showers with fluffy towels and all-day dining options like freshly made salads or sandwiches plus coffee drinks for those early morning departures or late night arrivals. We love lounges that offer more than just snacks, so this was an added bonus when it comes to SFO’s newest addition.

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