Travel Through the Country’s Most Pleasant Airports (United States)

Airports are typically not the most pleasant place in the world, and it’s no wonder. Between long lines, baggage fees, and delays, we’re lucky if we get out of an airport without a headache. But not all airports are created equal when it comes to efficiency or customer satisfaction. 

Here is a list of the seven most pleasant airports in the United States of America.

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1. Portland International Airport

If you’re looking for an affordable experience with free parking included then opt for PDX.

This pet-friendly airport is one of the most pleasant airports known for its high number of art installations, great restaurants, and eco-focused initiatives. Plus passengers are often impressed by the cleanliness of this airport and how quickly they can get through security.

Official Website: Portland International Airport

2. Tampa International Airport

This Florida airport is known not only for its gorgeous tiled roofs that mimic Spanish architecture but also because it’s one of few airports where you can park at your terminal without paying extra fees. Other perks include a wide variety of shops and restaurants, plus ample charging stations for your electronic devices.

Official Website: Tampa International Airport

3. Minneapolis – St. Paul International Airport

The Saint Paul International airport is the perfect mix of functionality and convenience. Known as MSP, this airport is known for its impressive art that enhances the overall travel experience and adds a pop of culture to each terminal.

The airport also has free Wi-Fi included in every ticket price plus great restaurants like Anthony’s Pizza Cafe, which serves up fresh pies 24 hours.

Official Website: St. Paul International Airport

4. San Diego International Airport (SAN)

This most pleasant airport spot might not come as much of a surprise since it was recently named one of the most beautiful airports by Good Morning America.

With exposed wood beams lining the ceilings throughout Terminal Two, lots of natural light filtering through big windows, and sleek fire pits outside where you can catch some sun while waiting for your flight home SAN makes getting from point A to point B a breeze.

Official Website: San Diego International Airport

5. Denver International Airport (DEN)

The Denver International Airport is a place of wonder and intrigue. With more than 33,000 acres in space its massive size can’t be underestimated as it offers something for everyone from unique monuments to bright light displays that make your flight feel less long; even abstract art. 

There’s so much beauty here that it’ll be tough not seeing something new each time around; plus they’re always changing things up anyway as part of their signature “Art onsite” program which allows artists to submit proposals directly onto building walls or billboards throughout Denver International Airport (DIA) itself.

Official Website: Denver International Airport

6. Miami International Airport

When you’re heading home after a beach vacation, the airport might not strike you as an enjoyable spot to unwind. When in Miami though, your holiday comes to an end with plenty of comfortable seating and lush greenery- perfect for relaxing.

MIA also has some lovely areas where travelers can go if they need some peace and quiet away from all those hustle & bustles outside before boarding their flights back onto reality.

Official Website: Miami International Airport

7. Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport

Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Airport is so much more than just a destination airport. In fact, this incredible spot features lounges with awesome views and delicious food; top-of-the-line shopping for any traveler’s needs.

Deals can be found on brands like Carolina Herrera or Louis Vuitton stores as well as high-class items such as limited edition Gucci handbags which can’t be found anywhere else in the world. 

The best part about visiting ATL Airport? There are always new art installations on display throughout your visit – you may even want to cancel your flight when you stop here because we’re sure it will become one of those places everyone talks about forever after returning home from their trip abroad.

Official Website: Hartsfield-Jackson Airport


To conclude, these are just a few of the most pleasant airports in the US that you can travel through. No matter which one you choose, be sure to enjoy all the amenities and perks that each has to offer.

Happy travels!

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