Read These Absolutely Hilarious Tripadvisor Reviews

Have you ever gone on Trip Advisor to check out the reviews of a hotel or restaurant before making your final decision? If so, then you know that some people can be pretty brutal with their feedback.

While that sucks for the service they’re reviewing, some of them sure will have you in stitches. You will find yourself cracking up at the ridiculous things people write about their experiences.

From scathing one-liners to full-blown stories, these Tripadvisor reviews never fail to entertain. 

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, then be sure to check some of the funniest Tripadvisor reviews out there.

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1. Poo in the kettle

Rating: 1/5 – 

Review: “Do not stay in this absolute dump of a hotel, and I use the term hotel very loosely.

I cannot convey strongly enough how disgusting this place is. blood-stained headboards that have clearly been up since the world war (the first one), rude staff, windows that won’t close, no hot water, broken furniture, dirty utensils, broken light fittings, and actual poo in the kettle.

Pretty sure I’m going to end up with some sort of rash/ disease due to sanitation conditions similar to those of a homeless crackhead.

In summary…this place is a complete hole.”

This review is probably the most scathing one on this list, and it’s not hard to see why. This guest had a terrible experience at the hotel and was not afraid to share all the gruesome details. It’s pretty gross to think about someone finding poo in the kettle, but it definitely makes for a hilarious review.

2. Beach too sandy, water clear

Rating: 1/5 

Review: “It’s a great beach, just too sandy. Very nice for swimming. The water was so clean and crystal clear. An overall nice experience on Tumon Beach. Recommend travelers to visit anyways.”

It’s almost surprising how shockingly dumb people can be. Hoping they solved the too-sandy beach issue after this review. Are beaches too concrete yet?

3. A different kind of Hooters

Rating: 2/5 

Review: “The Hooters here are a bit different than the ones in America. I’m not sure if it’s a franchise thing or what, but the girls were definitely more… Asian. It was an interesting experience. The food wasn’t bad, but it’s not really my thing.”

We’re not quite sure what he means by “more Asian”, but we’re definitely curious. Maybe he got served by some ladies with bamboo shoots sticking out of their hair? 

4. The hotel where the hot water runs out after one minute…not joking

Rating: 1/5 

The Review: “I went to take a shower after coming back from dinner at this hotel and there was no hot water. It stayed hot for one minute, then turned ice cold. Be aware that this place may not have hot water.”

It’s hilarious how frustrated the reviewer sounds about this situation. Who knew one minute of hot water could be so strenuous? 

5. They were all out of donuts

Rating: 1/5 

Review: “We wanted some fresh donuts this morning (we saw them in the dining room) but they were all out. We asked and they said they get new stock at 11 am. So we came back at 11:15 and they were still out. What kind of hotel runs out of donuts?”

Donuts are the breakfast of champions, so it’s definitely the end of the world if you cannot get donuts. What’s a man gotta do to get some donuts at a hotel? Such a shame.

A Lighthearted Review of These Tripadvisor Reviews

We scoured the site to find the most interesting and funniest Tripadvisor reviews. It was hard to narrow it down (you’d be surprised to see what sort of things people say), but these are some of the absolute best, and light-humored reviews. 

What’s the funniest about these reviews is that they’re all so earnest. People are absolutely convinced that their minor inconvenience was the worst thing to ever happen. Would anyone tell them that people actually get poop in their kettles, and that’s what we call a horrible experience?

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