Helsinki Airport is the First in Europe to Introduce Sleeping Pods

Helsinki Airport is the first in Europe to introduce sleeping pods. The airport has installed a series of private “sleeping rooms” as part of its Terminal 2 development, allowing passengers to take a cat nap before their flight.

This idea was brought to Helsinki by Dutch company Yume, who already have been installing similar facilities in airports across Asia and Australia for some time now. 

If you’re weary from a long flight and need to close your eyes for just a little while, Helsinki Airport has got you covered.

This blog post explores the new sleeping pods available at Helsinki Airport. The post also looks into the development of this new addition to Terminal 2 and how it provides a better transit experience for weary passengers.

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What is a Sleeping Pod?

A sleeping pod is a private, enclosed space available at Helsinki Airport for passengers to take a quick nap. These pods can be found at the transit area of Terminal 2 and are affordable for a comfortable experience.

They provide privacy so people won’t see you snoozing during your break or disturb your precious nap. What makes these so special? They come with an adjustable bed, privacy screen, and sleep timer.

What is the Development of these Pods?

Helsinki Airport has been developing its Terminal Two building since 2011 and 2017 saw a major milestone when they opened up the new transit area. This included not only sleeping pods but also shopping facilities as well as restaurants from around the world.

In total, there are now 100 shops in this new section which allows those who need more time between flights someplace comfortable to relax instead of sitting on uncomfortable chairs by Gate 47A.

Why Would I Need to Nap at The Airport?

If you’re feeling tired or groggy after a long flight (or two), it can be hard to function. This is where the new sleeping pods come in. Getting some rest at the airport means you’ll feel refreshed and ready for your next trip even if that’s just back into town from that red-eye flight.

What Else Can I Expect From These Pods?

Each pod comes with an adjustable bed, and a screen so no one will see you napping inside of it, as well as a sleep timer that turns off all lights once set. 

You also have access to free wifi while using these facilities so don’t worry about checking email before catching your connecting flight; just doze off instead.

Why are Sleeping Pods Important?

Sleeping pods are important because they provide a safe and comfortable environment for passengers to take a quick nap when needed. This provides an alternative to sitting in uncomfortable chairs or trying to snooze on the floor between flights.

What Does The Future Hold For Sleeping Pods?

Helsinki Airport is just one of many airports that will be implementing sleeping pods into their facilities, especially in transit areas where people have long wait times before going onto another flight. Airports across Europe such as London Heathrow and Berlin Schoenefeld have already seen success with these kinds of amenities offered to weary travelers.

How Can I Book A Pod In Helsinki Airport’s Terminal Two?

The easiest way would be Yume’s website which can help you book these facilities online.

What Are The Costs?

The cost is $15 per hour, payable by credit card at the front desk of each pod area in Terminal Two’s transit area. You can also pay cash if you prefer that method.

Can I Make a Reservation Ahead Of Time For These Pods?

Yes, Yume allows you to make a reservation ahead of time for your stay (and even overnight.) through their website. This helps keep them clean and available for other passengers as well as those who might need more than just an hour or two between flights. 

Sleeping Pods at Helsinki Airport: Conclusion

Sleeping pods are an alternative to sitting in uncomfortable chairs, trying to sleep on the floor, or attempting to catch some shut-eye while waiting between flights. 

The new sleeping pods provide passengers with a comfortable environment where they can rest during their transit time through Helsinki Airport’s Terminal Two building. 

If you would like to book one of these facilities be sure to check out Yume’s website which will allow you to make reservations ahead of time as well as pay by credit card once inside.

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