Everything You Need To Know About Liwa Village

If you plan to visit Abu Dhabi, you cannot miss Liwa village on the itinerary. Liwa Village offers everything Abu Dhabi is known for and more. Liwa Village offers everything Abu Dhabi is known for and more. 

From its pristine deserts and luxurious resorts to its rich cultural heritage and vibrant city life, this hidden gem captures the essence of the Emirati experience. With adventurous liwa desert safari, landscapes and traditional Arabian hospitality, Liwa Village is a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and unforgettable Abu Dhabi adventure.

Everything You Need To Know About Liwa Village

There is a classic mix of old and new and busy and quiet times, so everyone can find something they like here.

Al Ghadeer is a residential area on the edge of Abu Dhabi, and Liwa Village is a smaller village inside since Al Ghadeer is right on the border between the two emirates of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

 It is closer to the central parts of Dubai than to the central parts of Abu Dhabi. Al Ghadeer is a new neighborhood that Aldar Properties is building.

Residents of Liwa Village can go to schools, restaurants, shopping malls, shopping centers, hospitals, grocery stores, and leisure areas whenever they want. People who work in Dubai or visit the Emirate often because they find this area just right for them. 

Even though the houses in the neighborhood are often cheaper than those in the city center, the people there have access to all the necessary services and facilities to live a good life.   

Activities such as designing jewelry, Liwa desert safari, terracotta pot-painting excursions, and tea excursions are some things guests can do. They also have a wide range of food and drink options. Do the kids need something to do while you take time for yourself? Playzone is a great place to go. 

There is a room just for electronic games, an arcade room, and a range of old-fashioned treats. This place is full of fun things to do for kids of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers and even some adults.

At Souk, visitors have the opportunity to participate in a wide variety of exciting activities, all of which are intended to restore a sense of community strongly tied to the culture of the Emirate. 

You can enjoy various activities like a spice market, basket-weaving classes, and live cookery demonstrations. Another ideal location for you is the Oasis, which is not too far from the Souk and is a peaceful haven designed specifically to provide relaxation.

In keeping with Liwa Village’s marketing of itself as a place where everyone is welcome, the Pavilion offers a laid-back atmosphere laced with vegetation and architecture that is soothing to the eye. 

Since there are such a wide variety of things to do, you may inevitably become hungry during your journey.

This is where the GAZE system comes into play. This dining area, which is located in the Souk, will offer eateries that are both local and internationally recognized.

Transportation And Parking Spaces In Liwa Village

Everything You Need To Know About Liwa Village

There are plenty of places to park in Liwa Village. Every apartment building comes with covered parking as a normal feature.

The area is near the E75 road between Al Faya and Seeh Shuaib. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road is only three minutes away, which leads to the rest of Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

Just outside of Liwa Village, taxis line the streets. They are the only public transportation there. The bus stops in Dubai Industrial City let people get into Dubai. 

The Dubai Industrial City Entrance A1 bus stop is about 6 minutes from Liwa Village.

Amenities near Liwa Village

  • Supermarkets Near Liwa Village

There are enough supermarkets in the nearby village of Liwa Village to meet the daily shopping needs of those who live there. 

Wheatfield’s Gourmet Grocery and Café can be found in Al Ghadeer. Other stores include ADNOC Oasis in Abu Dhabi and JMA Supermarket in Dubai.

  • Mosques Near Liwa Village

The residents of Liwa Village have convenient access to the mosques in the surrounding area. The Al Ghadeer Masjid is easily accessible and can be reached in around two to three minutes due to its location within the neighborhood. 

The ADNOC Mosque may be reached in around 9 minutes. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Road provides an entrance to the neighborhood.

  • Other Places Of Worship Near Liwa Village

Christian residents must go to Jebel Ali, which is in Dubai and has about ten churches. 

In the area around Liwa Village, you can find churches like the Metropolitan Mark Chords, the St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church, the Covenant Hope Church, and the International Nepalese Community Church. In a car, it will take 25 to 28 minutes to get to these Churches in Jebel Ali.

Construction has already started on the Hindu temple that will be built next to Liwa Village. The BAPS Hindu Mandir in Abu Mureika, Abu Dhabi, is being built. It takes about 29 minutes to get there from Liwa Village. 

Gurunanak Darbar in Jebel Ali is the best Sikh Gurudwara. It takes about 27 minutes to drive from the place to the neighborhood.

Leisure Activities And Notable Landmarks

From the Ghantoot Racing & Polo Club, it takes about 14 minutes on foot to get to Liwa Village. The club is 300 hectares and has top-notch polo and horseback riding grounds for its members to use.

The Dubai Parks and Resort is another prominent place near the neighborhood and is easy to get to. It is the only royal club in the country that lets people from outside the club join in on some events. 

One of the many places to have fun at the club is MotionGate Dubai, the largest Hollywood-themed amusement park in the city. Meraas owns the club, and walking there takes about 23 minutes.

Outdoor Activities, Fitness, and Beauty

There are many ways to spend free time with your family and/or kids in the neighborhood. Some parks inside Al Ghader are Cloud Park, Lake Park, Forest Park, Waterfall Park, and Rainbow Park.

DWGT Association or Vogue Fitness is where people who care about their health can work out. The Breeze neighborhood pool is just a short distance from Liwa Village.

Things To Consider

Given its proximity to the border between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, this neighborhood is convenient for people who commute to Dubai regularly. 

Liwa Village has a relatively tranquil environment despite its proximity to many facilities and amenities. This is because it is located outside of the central area of Abu Dhabi. The costs are significantly lower than those in the city’s central neighborhoods.

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