Enjoy Europe’s Most Lavish Hotel Suites

Europe is known for its luxury hotels and opulent suites. If your idea of a perfect vacation is staying in a luxury hotel with all the bells and whistles, then you’re in luck – Europe is home to some of the most extravagant suites imaginable.

Whether you’re looking for an ancient palace with historical charm or a sleek skyscraper with panoramic views, you’ll be able to find something to suit your desires. 

If you’re looking to splurge on a special trip, consider booking a night or two in one of these lavish hotel suites accommodations. Here are some of the most extravagant ones you’ll find on the continent.

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Blake Hotel’s Prague Suite, London

Imagine your ultimate escape. You’ve come home after an exhausting day, and you step into the Prague Suite for some much-needed rest before tomorrow’s start of things again. Only to find it fully stocked with all sorts of goodies.

The Prague Suite is one of the most lavish hotel suites and a luxurious hideaway with all the bells and whistles. The bedroom, bathroom are decked out in opulent golds to match its ornate vibe created by mirrors or chandeliers for some extra shine. 

Guests staying here can enjoy exclusive amenities like one-way airport transfers (complimentary), fresh flowers delivered straight from your garden’s most beautiful flowers, free breakfast ingredients prepared just how you want them.

Topped off with minibar snacks waiting on arrival? This Signature Suite of yours will make any escape into pampered serenity complete.

Presidential Suite at Cala di Volpe Hotel in Sardinia

For those who want to feel like royalty, the presidential suite at Hotel Cala di Volpe has everything you need. The presidential suite is a contemporary jewel. It offers luxurious accommodation, with private pools and acres upon which to enjoy them. 

The hotel also offers guests three bedrooms with romantic white-canopied beds and incredible views across the Mediterranean sea from terraces equipped for sociable circular seating or simply soaking up some sun by your own private poolside lounger. 

Royal Suite at the St. Regis Florence Hotel

St. Regis Florence is a luxury hotel in the heart of Florence, Italy that offers guests an array of options for lavish hotel suites and accommodation choices. The Presidential Suite has 17th-century frescoes as well as artworks by Botticelli and da Vinci. 

Characterized by rich curtains in Court Medici style as well as coffered ceilings with stenciled patterns adorning its walls, this spacious room feels like you’ve stepped into an opulent period piece from centuries past. 

For those who prefer more modern amenities without sacrificing their indulgent surroundings? They can enjoy marble tiling inside of bathrooms that have his and her vanities complete with dual sinks, deep soaking tubs for two people to share when relaxing after a long day, and comfy beds and sofas.

You’re sure to have the time of your life whether you’re staying at the suite for a business endeavor or vacationing out on the balcony overlooking one of Italy’s most beautiful cities: Florence.

Junior Suites at Hotel Les Armures

The five-pearl Hotel Les Armures has Junior Suites, which are perfect for those who want to stay warm during cold Geneva winters. 

The hotel’s accommodations have a ski chalet vibe and come with amenities such as fresh fruit on arrival, chocolate treats in the room every day for guests to enjoy before retiring after a day of skiing or exploring nearby towns in this beautiful Swiss destination, plus free Wi-Fi.

When at Hotel Les Armures, it truly feels as though you’re living on top of the clouds with breathtaking city views from every angle- especially at night time.

Imperial Suite at Shangri-La Hotel

The Imperial Suite at the Shangri-La is an unforgettable experience for any visitor to Paris. The suite was once home to French prince and president Roland Bonaparte, making it not only a historical landmark but also one that pays homage to Rococo-Esque decorating styles. 

The characteristic features of the suite include gold trimming on ceilings as well as marble fireplaces interplaying beautifully against lush curtains framing windows visible from every angle of Place d’Iéna while they overlook your own balcony high above ground level. 

Private bathrooms feature mist-free mirrors which are perfect for fixing yourself quickly before heading out for a day full of adventures.

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