7 Top Destinations to Visit in Michoacan, Mexico

Spanning 135 miles of the Pacific Ocean’s coastline, Michoacan is the sixth largest state of Mexico with beautiful mountains to its east and the states of Jalisco and Comia to the west.

Due to its rich cultural heritage, diverse geography, and tropical climate, Michoacan attracts tourists from all over the Americas. Morelia, the state capital, is one of the top tourist destinations in the country. The city is also a World Heritage Site owing to its extraordinary colonial architecture.

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Michoacan’s wide-ranging geography comprises many waterfalls, hot springs, lagoons, lakes, two of Mexico’s largest rivers, and a big part of the Sierra Madre del Sur range. If you’re planning a visit to Michoacan, keep reading to discover the best things you can do in the state:

Explore Michoacan’s Architecturally Rich Capital

Located between the Grande and Chiquito rivers, Morelia is home to over 200 well-preserved colonial buildings dating to the 17th and 18th centuries. The most famous of these buildings is the baroque-style Morelia Cathedral which displays more than 300 years of history. 

Tour Angahuan & Paricutín Volcano

Hike up one of the youngest volcanoes in the world and explore the ruins of an indigenous village on this tour. Get a unique insight into the culture of Purhepecha and enjoy fantastic alpine scenery while touring the site. This is one of the best tours in Michoacan for adventurous travelers.

Visit Playa el Faro

Located to the west of the Marbella Marina, Playa el Faro is one of the most picturesque beaches in Michoacan. It features an 1864 lighthouse that overlooks the beachfront promenade. The swimmable beach is within walking distance of many exclusive luxury shops, restaurants, and clubs. 

Tour Los Filtros Viejos

Morelia is surrounded by stunning natural landscapes, including the Los Filtros Viejos reserve. The tour takes you to the best flora and fauna around the state capital.

After hiking for two to three hours, you’ll stop by a natural reserve inhabiting over 100 species of birds. You’ll also get to appreciate the beauty of a cascading waterfall and the remains of the Morelia aqueduct. 

Visit Camecuaro Lake

Camecuaro Lake is a part of the Lago de Camécuaro National Park which covers over nine hectares of lush gardens. Supplied by over 1,300 reservoirs, the lake is perfect for swimming. Photographers from all over the country flock to Zamora de Hidalgo to capture exquisite park views. 

Visit Pichilinguillo Beach

Known as the Sea Pool coast of Michoacan, Pichilinguillo Beach is excellent for diving, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, and scuba. You can take a jet ski or a catamaran to see the surrounding cliffs, natural arches, and caves. 

The crystal turquoise water and golden sand instantly capture your attention when you arrive on the beach. It is one of the least crowded beaches in Michoacan. As it is located in an urban area, you’ll find excellent restaurants and hotels along its shoreline. 

Tour Janitzio Island

Isla de Janitzio offers spectacular views and hosts cultural events year-round. Take a tour to Janitzio Island to enjoy a boat cruise on Lake Patzcuaro, watch Indian fishermen angle with butterfly nets, and ascend the statue of Jose Maria Morelos. You can continue your tour to the town of Janitzio to see impressive buildings dating to the 16th century.

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