Business Class Flights between NYC and London or Paris for Under $1,000

You’re a business traveler who needs to get from New York City to London or Paris and you want a flight that’s comfortable and affordable. However, flying business class is a luxury only a few people can afford. Does that mean you’ll never get to fly business class? No, it doesn’t. The good news is that there are some airlines that offer flights for less than $1,000. 

This post will tell you which airlines to consider when looking for tickets and how much they’ll cost. 

Top Airlines Renowned for Offering Tickets Under $1000

Finding cheap business class flights for under $1000 isn’t difficult. There are several airlines that are noted to offer them from time to time, and they’re listed below.

Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines offers direct business class flights from JFK to London or Paris that cost between $900-$1250 depending on the season you travel in (low vs peak). If you don’t mind a layover, there is also an option with multiple stops at around $600-800 one way. 

The only bad part about Alaska Airlines’ routes is their lack of nonstop options. However, having back-to-back connecting flights will still save you money compared to flying coach/economy class round trip (the average price for economy round trip tickets tends to be over $800 -$1200).

British Airways

You can also check flights with British Airways if you want multiple connections between NYC and London. These tickets average around $1100-$1500, so they’re slightly more expensive than Alaska Airlines’ direct business class route to Europe. However, their prices are still reasonable enough that the extra cost might be worth it for some people.

Air France and Delta Air

Lastly, Air France has a number of nonstop options from JFK to Paris at about $1300-1600 round trip during off-peak season (low). If you’re looking for cheaper fares or have flexibility when traveling then consider checking out Delta’s Paris routes as well because there are often promotional deals offered on those flights. Delta Airlines offers promotional fares on routes between NYC and Paris. Promotional dates vary depending on the airline’s ticket sales for that month. However, you can always check Delta’s website for current deals they have going. 

JetBlue’s Promotional Deals

JetBlue has been known to offer direct business class flights from NYC to Paris that cost under $1000 depending on the time of year you travel. They also offer promotional fares and sales sometimes so be sure to check their website for deals. For example, one of the cheapest available roundtrip business class flights between New York City and Paris with Jet Blue at one time as part of their promotion deal was pretty under $1000.

How to Find Business Class Flights for Under $1000?

Here are a few tips to help you find business class flights that are both affordable and comfortable.

Firstly, check out the website of your favorite airline to see if they have any special offers for economy or business class travel. This is a good place to start because many airlines offer first dibs on their own seats before releasing them to third-party websites like Expedia or Google Flights. 

You should also take note of the number of stops scheduled between New York City and London or Paris as this can increase the trip time by quite a bit depending on how long each stop lasts. However, keep in mind that some airlines will allow you three free checked bags so there’s no reason not to bring all your luggage with you.

You may also consider flying during off-peak times of the year when it’s cheaper as well as making sure that your preferred airport is included in any flight deals offered by an airline. 

Also, if possible, try only booking direct flights so that you don’t have to change planes anywhere along the way which will also save you a good amount of time.

Lastly, keep visiting several forums and subscribe to your favorite airlines to get promo codes that you can use later for your good. Promotional codes are the best way to get amazing discounts and deals on all types of flights, whether business, economy or regular.


These were the best options for under $1000 business class flights between NYC and London or Paris.

However, keep in mind that there are other airlines you can choose from which offer these same routes at different prices depending on the time of year; so make sure to compare all your options before booking. 

If none of them work then consider flying coach/economy instead because it will still be a cheaper option.

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