The Benefits of Using a Magazine Holster for Self-Defense

Extra ammunition can provide peace of mind and be life-saving in self-defense. A quality mag carrier can be worn inside or outside the waistband; some are convertible.

A magazine holster can be made from leather, Kydex, or a hybrid design that combines a soft material against the skin with tension from the belt to retain the magazine.


Many gun owners carry a spare magazine because it increases their confidence and reduces the risk of dealing with a malfunction or unloaded firearm. Instead of simply shoveling the extra magazine into your pocket, consider a mag carrier, also known as a mag pouch.

These holsters are made from leather or a thermoplastic material such as Kydex and attach to your belt on your non-dominant side. They are positioned so you can depress the magazine catch with your support-side thumb and index finger to retrieve a fresh clip.

Most mag pouches feature a vertical orientation, but some allow you to cant the magazine forward or backward for more concealment. Because each person has a different body shape, and some may even have issues such as arthritis in their elbow that limit movement, the best mag holsters for concealed carry are adjustable, so they fit comfortably with minimal resistance while you draw. This way, you’ll have the exact comfortable positioning each day.


magazine holster gives you easy access to a spare clip. This can be life-saving in a violent encounter. Even if you only have one round left, it could prevent a malfunction or give you enough time to regain control of the situation and neutralize your assailant.

Many people who don’t use a mag carrier stick their extra magazine in the pocket of their pants, but this cannot be easy to access quickly. If your shirt slips, you’re lifting your arms, or changing positions, the magazine can fall out of a pocket holster.

Most mag holsters are made of Kydex, which holds magazines securely while making them easily accessible. Most have a vertical orientation, but some can be canted forward or back for better accessibility and comfort. You can experiment with your positioning and adjust it daily to find the perfect fit. This is similar to how athletes practice to build muscle memory and make a routine movement second nature.


You can practice drawing and reloading in different positions when you train with your mag carrier. This allows you to be more prepared in case you need to draw your gun and reload under stress in real life. Fumbling around for another magazine in the heat of the moment could cost you precious seconds and possibly put your life at risk.

While some may argue that a spare mag can be kept in a pocket or hunting bag, this doesn’t help you gain quick access when needed. In self-defense, you might not have time to fumble for a magazine and may require the extra bullets quickly.

Keeping an extra magazine in a dedicated mag holster is an excellent way to improve your odds of survival in a dangerous situation. Choose a Kydex mag holster that fits comfortably and securely in your waistline for faster access. Incognito Concealment offers OWB and IWB mag holders to suit your preferences.


Having an extra magazine in a mag holster can help you stay safe. It gives you immediate access to additional ammunition if you need to reload for personal or professional reasons, like home defense. This can be much faster and more efficient than fumbling through your pockets or bags for a spare mag. This is especially true if you carry a low-capacity gun that must be reloaded frequently during self-defense.

While it’s a good idea to have other survival gear, such as a tourniquet and emergency first aid kit, most responsible gun owners consider a magazine carrier part of their essentials. The right Kydex mag carrier will protect your extra magazine and can be concealed in various positions. It also resists moisture and blunt force damage better than leather or woven nylon holsters. In addition, it will not change shape or loosen over time. This is especially important in a self-defense scenario when a malfunction could be fatal.

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