Achieving Natural-Looking Results: The Key to Successful Plastic Surgery

The word “plastic surgery” often conjures images of women who look unnaturally altered. However, skilled plastic surgeons can make subtle, organic-looking, and rejuvenating changes. The key to finding this kind of surgeon is to carefully review a surgeon’s before-and-after photos during your initial consultation.

Artistic Insight

Plastic is in the name of this surgical specialty for a reason: It’s designed to shape and mold patients into new, natural-looking forms. This is true for reconstructive procedures and cosmetic ones, such as changing the way a nose looks or removing severe acne scars. At the same time, it may be common to think of celebrities who’ve had work done or jokes about facelifts looking unnatural.

The reality is that people from all walks of life get cosmetic surgery for various reasons. Many of these patients seek to accentuate their natural features, while others seek to change a flaw that makes them self-conscious or uncomfortable. Regardless of the patient’s goals, they must work with their surgeon, Joel Aronowitz, MD, to set realistic expectations for their results.

A patient’s age and health will determine possible changes; for example, a person in their 40s can’t expect to look 20 again through a facelift.

Patient Communication

Whether the patient is considering a rhinoplasty or a facelift, they must discuss their desired results with their surgeon. This will help them be more realistic in their goals and ensure their doctor can meet them. Patients should bring plenty of questions to their consultation, and a knowledgeable plastic surgeon, for instance, Joel Aronowitz, should be able to answer them thoroughly.

Patients should be honest with their surgeon about what they want to achieve through cosmetic surgery, and they should look at plenty of before-and-after photos of the surgeon’s past clients. This will give them a better idea of what results are possible with the procedure they are considering and how natural-looking those results can be. It is also essential for patients to understand that a plastic surgeon’s goal is not to alter their appearance dramatically but rather to enhance or rejuvenate it. 

Proper Techniques

A surgeon’s skill, training, and certification all come into play when they perform a procedure, but it is equally important to use proper techniques. Like sculpting, plastic surgery uses light touch and subtle movements to produce optimal results. Using excessive force or moving too quickly may make a patient look “fake.”

For example, an overly aggressive abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) could cause an uneven outcome. It is also critical that patients follow their doctor’s instructions during recovery to guarantee the best results. This includes maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking, and following other guidelines. While some patients go overboard with their cosmetic enhancements, most people who have surgery enjoy a natural appearance.

You would likely only know they had work done if they told you. Patients can achieve their ideal looks by working with a board-certified plastic surgeon. From enhancing their natural beauty to making them look younger, cosmetic enhancements can help a person feel confident in their appearance and boost self-esteem.


The best plastic surgeons know how to use their knowledge of the human face and body to create optimal results that look natural. They also have artistic insight, which allows them to sculpt the body like a sculpture. This is why finding a surgeon with extensive training, experience, and certification is so important.

During your in-person consultation, openly discuss your aesthetic goals with your surgeon. Ask for a range of before and after photos demonstrating how the doctor typically achieves natural-looking results. You may even want to consider getting a second opinion if you’re not 100% comfortable with the surgeon’s recommendations.

While it is true that we’re born with certain genetic traits, you can still make healthy lifestyle choices to help your appearance and overall health. A well-balanced diet, regular exercise, and refraining from smoking can all contribute to a more youthful, more attractive you.

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