4 Best Road Trips in America

The United States is known for many things, one of those being its beautiful scenery. America has many national parks with breathtaking views, making going on a road trip one of the best travel choices. It is considered a favorite pastime by many, and it seems only to be growing in popularity.

If you are looking to plan a road trip, there are many beautiful options for you and your family. So, buy that new Chevrolet for sale, pack it up with all the road trip necessities, and start your trip on one of these four best road trips in America.

Pacific Coast Highway in California

As soon as you begin your road trip on the Pacific Coast Highway in California, you will see why it is famous. Beginning in San Diego, you drive by some of the best coastlines in the state. As you travel, you may want to make plans to stop in Los Angeles, San Luis Obispo, and Hearst Castle as you drive down the iconic Highway One north and straight toward Monterey, another captivating coastal town.

At the end of the road trip, you will find yourself in the well-known City by the Bay with many other areas to explore and new experiences. It is a beautiful road trip option with various stopping points to take pictures and enjoy the beauty of California. 

Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia

On the other side of America, the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia is another breathtaking road trip option. It is 469 miles long and joins the Shenandoah National Park in Virginia to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in North Carolina.

This is a unique road trip because there is a ban on boards. Therefore there is a lack of commercial traffic or town. Along with the lack of billboards, their 45 miles per hour speed limit will allow you to truly admire the scenery on this drive.

Going to the Sun Road in Montana

If you are looking for a shorter road trip, Going to the Sun Road in Montana is the best option. It is a jagged cliff-hugging drive and the only road traveling through the Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana.

This drive will only take you around an hour to complete, but what an hour that will be. As you travel through this road, you will enjoy lush green forests along Lake Mac Donald and look down into deep valleys surrounded by glacial-covered mountain tops. There is also Saint Mary Lake, where there is a 100-foot crystal waterfall. It is a beautiful drive that does not require days of travel.  

Red Rock Country in Arizona

Finally, there is the Red Rock Country in Arizona, where you drive straight for 145 miles along Interstate 17 for a unique road trip. This road trip does not have lush forests or a beautiful coastline. Instead, you drive through the seemingly endless desert where rock formations the size of skyscrapers make you feel like you are on another planet. Yet, it is still an unforgettable road trip with a unique view you will not see anywhere else. 

Get Ready to Hit the Open Road!

If you are looking to opt for a road trip instead of flying, any of these four options would be perfect for you and your family. Just get your vehicle all packed up and enjoy a memorable trip

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