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Things To Know Before You Visit Morocco With French Montana

Frenchie gives us his version of his birthplace.

Morocco hannnnn. French Montana may rep The BX but for him it's also all about his original Kingdom, The Kingdom of Morocco. A beautiful country that's filled with stunning beaches, overflowing markets and tons of couscous, there's tons of reasons to visit. But before you hop on a flight over the Atlantic, there area few things you should know. And who better to take you on a tour than Mr. Morocco Montana.


The Food

“The thing is that people gather around one big plate and they eat with their hands. And, that’s traditional Moroccan. But American Moroccan is like me I used a fork. People eat with they hands. Bread with they hands. It’s just like, the whole tradition with Moroccans. Everybody go around and they all eat as a family.

They got a couple signature foods. Like couscous. Lamb. Shish kabob.”

French Montana’s Must Eat Suggestions: The Couscous

The Hotels

“Hotels in Morocco are traditional. A lot of stuff is hand made. Everyone is Muslim over there. So they don’t serve pork in the hotels. As far as the people, they put the buckets over their head like their Jewish but the big ones for the Muslim people. The kufis, you know? Besides that it’s regular, not that much different. Because where I’m from is Casablanca, so, it’s a city.”

The Women

“If you want to know about the women in Morocco do not visit on Ramadan, ‘cause you’re not gonna see nothing!”

The Shopping

“It’s the same thing because it’s like a tourist place. You could buy all the stuff that’s been on sale here. A lot of people go out there get Henna done. That’s like, the fake tattoos. A lot of people go over there to buy cultural stuff. There’s a lot of markets out there. I bought stuff like, clothes, and the sandals they got. The classic ones, the pointy ones. Yeah, leather. You know which ones I’m talking about.”


“The best thing to bring back from the market if you go over there is a girl. They have beautiful woman over there.”

The Vibe

“The culture over there is, real real calm. There’s not that much violence. No gun violence. There’s not even a gun over there, you get twenty five to life. But people there don’t smoke weed, they don’t even smoke weed like that. They smoke hash. I mean beaches, vacations. There’s a lot of historical places. You could go there and go to places where they’ll show you where the first people tried to take it over, and if you go to the edge of Morocco you can see Spain from there. We’re surrounded by a lot of stuff.”

The Beaches

“Favorite beach is called Miami Beach over there. Yup, it’s right next to McDonalds. So that was like my get away over there, I thought I was more American when I was there. McDonalds right next to a beach called Miami…

I mean, Moroccan beaches are way better though. If you’re talking about going to Archer beach, beaches like Archer beach, Jones beach and all that, Moroccan beaches are a million times better. But if you’re talking about going to Key West or stuff like that, it’s probably the same thing.”

The Transportation

“It’s different. If you’re going to the countryside, it’s donkeys, horses. And if you go to the city side, people drive cars. But, it’s not rich like here, so you’ll never see no Phantoms and Bentleys and European cars, I mean some people have them that’s rich. Buses, definitely. They have everything, it’s like a mini New York where I’m from except for blunts and everything.”

French Montana’s Mode of Transportation: “I just use car service. I don’t really know how to get around over there.”


“If you’re packing to go to Morocco, pack your beach clothes… definitely don’t pack no drugs. Pack your sandals, pack your condoms. Whatever you take out there people are gonna be looking at you because they love American clothes. They love it. When I was young that was one thing that, I used to see my uncles when they used to out here and I’d be like, ‘You didn’t bring me nothing?’”

The Flight

“The flight is 6 hours. Like going to LA, the opposite way. Yeah, just going over the water.”

The Nightlife

“Hookah service. They love hookah. That’s all they do. Hookah, tea. You know smoke hookah, drink tea. It’s special tea, yup. It has a different kind of leaves and everything. it tastes real good. That’s why there’s a lot of coffee bars.”

Things To Do

“Going to the beach, it’s definitely a vacation place. You could visit the mosque, the big mosque, one of the biggest mosques in the world. I mean, the biggest mosque in Africa. You can definitely visit Agadir, visit Marrakesh, visit all the places to buy stuff. Definitely buy some tea, definitely buy a lot of stuff, just go through the city and see the way people is.”

The Mosque

“It’s the biggest mosque, it depends what hour you get there, you’re gonna hear the prayers and you’re going to see people going in there to pray. And it’s right on the water and if you look to the right side of it there’s little kids swimming in the water, they jump off the mosque into the water. It’s a beautiful view.”

Anything Else?

“That I’m the biggest star to ever come out of Morocco. That’s one thing we didn’t cover about Morocco. Me and A-Trak are the biggest things to come out of Morocco. And that we can’t wait to do the biggest party in Morocco every year, that me and A-Trak should be doing, like how Drake doing OVO. I wanna be able, me and A-Trak to play together, he’s the biggest DJ I’m the biggest rapper star to ever come out of there. I feel that raw connection, we could do it. That’s something I’m looking foreword to do every summer. Bring everybody from me to Ross to Diddy, to everybody. One time, just for Morocco, and I feel like that would be the biggest thing. And you heard it here first.”

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