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A-Trak didn't set out to become a suitcase connoisseur. But when you spend more time in hotels and airports than at your own apartment, traveling at ease becomes a necessity. Doing so in style becomes your objective.

Infinite Legroom presented by A-Trak is your new resource for a migrant lifestyle. Travel, filtered through a tasteful lens, for whether you're trapped in a terminal in Tokyo, flying to France, packing for Perth or lost in Louisville.

This is a site that understands you, and your packing needs. It is for those who know there is such a thing as a stylish toiletry case. And that boutique, doesn't just mean a store. That comfort on the plane is important, but still does not excuse sweat pants. And that choosing where to eat in a new city is an essential "tourist" activity.

Let us take you on a quirky adventure through the world of travel.


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