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This Photo Series Transforms Budapest’s Historic Landmarks Into Tunnels to the Sky

Hungarian architecture like you've never seen it.

Whether you have previously journeyed to Budapest, or simply seen its beauty via photos or in films, chances are, you’ve never witnessed Hungary’s capital quite like this. Accordingly, artist Zsolt Hlinka has recently unleashed a new series of images, titled “100-Year-Old-Houses.”

Hlinka’s photo installment highlights the area’s most historic landmarks, but again, in a way that you’ve never seen. He has manipulated his captured images to make the buildings appear as tunnels barreling upwards to the sky. One of Zsolt’s goals with the project was to showcase various architectural aspects that tend to get overlooked, such as window frames, elevator shafts and brickwork.

Each structure that Hlinka captured can be found along Budapest’s famous Nagykörút route, which was originally built in 1896.

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