Infinite Legroom

This Luxury Hotel in Mexico City Features an Incredible Glass-Walled Pool

Located in the city's bustling Colonia Juarez neighborhood.

Located in the bustling Colonia Juarez neighborhood of Mexico City, JSa Arquitectura have designed a beautiful new luxury getaway, dubbed Carlota Hotel. The hotel boasts contemporary art installations throughout, an on-site boutique, and most importantly, a breathtaking glass-walled swimming pool.

The interior of Carlota was undertaken in collaboration with a series of Mexican designers, as the area features an overall bright aesthetic filled with modern furnishings, including a mixture of concrete and wooden furniture and lighting fixtures. And as previously mentioned, a selection of contemporary artwork covers the walls of the guest quarters.

But back to the most noteworthy aspect of the hotel: the glass-walled pool. The swimming hole spans 30 meters and is, again, surrounded by see-through glass walls. It is then overlooked by a complementary bar area.

To book your stay at Carlota Hotel, follow on over to their website.

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