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Harriet Brown’s Favorite Spots Around Los Angeles’ Koreatown

Gettin' down in K-Town!

Harriet Brown, a singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist from the Bay Area, originally moved to LA to pursue music. Ever since starting the Harriet Brown project almost three years ago, he has become a Red Bull Sound Select artist, collaborated on the new Classixx album, and opened for DJ Taye, Jessy Lanza, and Classixx.

Prior to his set opening for Classixx at their Red Bull Sound Select album release show, Harriet spoke to us about studying music, his Filipino heritage, and living in LA’s Koreatown neighborhood. “I don’t eat out a ton, but I have my spots,” said Harriet. Click ahead to discover his 10 favorite places to eat, drink & socialize in K-Town.

Featured photo by Hunny Gale

Koreatown Plaza

I’m a big fan of KTP (Koreatown Plaza). They have a sick food court at the bottom. I don’t even eat there that often. But it’s a funny, small Korean mall. So it’s fun people-watching. It’s super 80’s, and the food court is decked out in neon lights.

Ma Dang Gook Soo

It’s pretty much Korean chicken noodle soup. Handmade, fresh noodles. Ten bucks for a huge bowl.

Shatto 39 Lanes

I love Shatto Lanes! Great bar, cheap date, and cheap bowling. My favorite thing to do is to get stoned and play arcade games.

Pollo a La Brasa

The bomb Peruvian chicken spot. They make a nice cilantro sauce. The green sauce. You always want that green sauce!

Frank 'n Hank

I like going to little dive bars. Frank N Hank’s is just a little, weird dive bar. They usually have a pretty bad selection of music, but every once in a while a good Prince song will come on. They have a pool table and drinks are cheap.

Karaoke Bars

A lot of the karaoke bars in K-Town are exclusive. Since I can’t speak Korean, they’ll just say it’s closed. Or they’ll have the door closed. So if I were to go and do karaoke, I’d probably make my way all the way to the Westside for Roger’s Tattle Tale Room.

The Prince Restaurant & Bar

It’s at the bottom of an old 1920s hotel. They have food and drinks, plus a happy hour where all of the drinks are half off. But the coolest thing is when you walk in – it’s all red. Everything is red leather, red velvet, and sometimes there’s a classical pianist playing. And it’s Korean, so they have the buttons in the booths. It feels way fancier than it actually is. Which is totally right up my alley.

Boba Story

If I want boba, I’ll hit up Boba Story. It’s close by. I like the name. They give cool cups. ‘What’s your story? Boba Story.’ I made that tagline for them, but I don’t think they’re into it.

El Flamin’ Taco Truck

I like their deep-fried quesadillas. They’re really bad for you, but it’s delicious. I clearly like a lot of trashy food.

Shopping Malls

I like that all of the office buildings in Koreatown are secretly shopping malls inside. They’re so weird. Pretty much all of those buildings on Wilshire are actually shopping malls.

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