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The 10 Best Food Trucks in America

Immerse yourself in the food truck revolution!

A revolution has been occurring within the US food industry for nearly a decade. Known by many as food trucks, food carts, taco trucks, or whatever other name you call your favorite restaurant-on-wheels — after almost ten years, it seems safe to say that the Food Truck Revolution is here to stay.

Discovering the best trucks across the entire country can be a bit overwhelming, so we here at Infinite Legroom decided to simplify things for you by compiling The 10 Best Food Trucks in America. From Los Angeles to Portland, Maine — these are the ten trucks you must visit when hungry, in a hurry, and in the right city. Click below to discover and enjoy. Then start planning the most delicious road trip of your life.

Kogi BBQ (Los Angeles)

Recognized by most as the first (and still most popular) food truck to lead the Los Angeles food truck revolution, Kogi Korean BBQ was first established in 2008. Self-proclaimed as “the most iconic Los Angeles and Orange County based taco truck that [also] birthed the Korean Mexican taco movement,” Kogi now boasts four trucks, a counter at Alibi Room, and a sit-down restaurant with a new menu in Palms. Menu highlights from the Bon Appétit Award-winning truck include the Spicy Pork Tacos, Kimchi Quesadillas, and Short Rib Sliders. Visit any one of Kogi’s Los Angeles locations to experience the most beloved food truck in the city.

Del Popolo (San Francisco)

In May 2012, the Del Popolo truck launched as a mobile pizzeria making some of the best Neapolitan-inspired pizza in the country. Curious how one might make an authentic pizza within the confides of a food truck? Well, Del Popolo isn’t your average food truck. Making their famous pizza pies within a traditional, Italian-made wood-fired oven, the Del Popolo truck consists of a 20-foot glass enclosed transatlantic shipping container propped on a Freightliner truck. It’s as epic and delicious as it sounds. Now go check out the truck’s schedule to discover where and when you can taste the best pizza truck in America.

Frites Street (Phoenix)

What do you get when two longtime friends with substantial experience in the music and restaurant industries decide to open a food truck specializing in gourmet french fries? Welcome to Frites Street. The brainchild of young business owners, Braden Jones and Philip “Flip” Isard — the duo spent six months in the kitchen perfecting their “carefully crafted Belgian frites,” before finally sharing them with the world. Frites Street’s final process takes “12 hours from the time they’re whole spuds to golden brown and delicious,” but only a 4-minute wait from ordering to devouring. And these frites are a sure-fired favorite for all, catering to carnivores, vegans, and gluten-free diets alike. At Frites Street, everything is scratch made. From the local produce (pickled vegetables) and fresh proteins (braised meats), down to every sauce served. Nothing is out of a jar and nothing is out of a can. These are truly some gourmet, labor intensive french fries.

The most popular item is the Duck Confit Poutine ($11), topped with local Arizona smoked cheese curds and Canadian-style brown sherry gravy. Other mouth-watering options include Carne Asada Frites ($11) with roasted tomatillo salsa, fresh pico and local cotija cheese; Steak au Poivre Frites ($11) with brandy peppercorn sauce; Vegan Black Bean Soyrizo Chili Cheese Frites ($10) with vegan cheddar cheese; and classic Cheese Frites ($8) with Hatch green chili cheddar cheese or bacon blue cheese bechamel. Just stop reading already and go to Phoenix to try the best fries of your life, guaranteed.

Ms. Cheezious (Miami)

Founded in late 2010, Ms. Cheezious® is the hands-down favorite grilled cheese truck of Florida. Voted Best Food Truck in Miami, on the daily Ms. Cheezious rolls out your favorite comfort food — “grilled cheese sandwiches like mom used to make, only not quite as innocent as mom used to make!” On top of the countless awards and rave reviews the truck has received over its 5+ years in Miami, Ms. Cheezious now runs two food trucks and “two brick and mortar locations in the historic MIMO district of Miami.” This truck is an absolute must-visit the next time you’re visiting South Beach.

The Grilled Cheese Truck (Los Angeles/Various Cities)

Speaking of grilled cheese food trucks, how could we not mention Los Angeles’ beloved The Grilled Cheese Truck. Founded in 2009 and a significant force behind LA’s 2010s food truck revolution alongside Kogi BBQ, The Grilled Cheese Truck is “The Ultimate Comfort Food on Wheels.” Featuring a handful of unique takes on the classic sandwich, my recommendations would have to be the sandwich that spawned the truck, the Cheesy Mac & Rib — sharp cheddar cheese with rich, house-smoked BBQ pork, Southern macaroni & cheese and caramelized onions on French bread; an order of perfectly crispy Tater Tots dipped in TGCT’s highly-addictive chipotle aioli; and for dessert, a S’More Melt consisting of creamy Nutella, crumbled graham crackers and toasted marshmallows between sweet brioche bread. And you don’t even have to come to LA for The Grilled Cheese Truck as there are now six locations throughout Southern California, Phoenix, San Antonio, and Austin.

Bacon Bacon (San Francisco)

This San Francisco staple loves fried pig fat so much, they prefer to say it twice. Bacon Bacon is both a bacon-centric food truck as well as a popular take-out coffeehouse. Serving bacon in every way you can imagine: bacon on a burger, bacon dipped in chocolate, and even a pork belly sandwich with bacon jam “for added bacon deliciousness” — Bacon Bacon is one of those food trucks that remains busy no matter where it’s parked. Check out their entire menu here and then go find the truck. Because just reading the menu will make your mouth water.

Tacos Morelos (East Village)

Perhaps most recently recognizable for its shout-out in Netflix’s “Master of None” as “the best taco” in New York City — Tacos Morelos is as straightforward of a taco cart as you’ll find in Manhattan. Specializing in tacos, the truck also serves delicious burritos, tortas, quesadillas, huaraches, and fajitas. But you better make sure the truck is there and open. As Aziz Ansari’s character exclaims when he discovers the truck is closed, “This is supposed to be the best taco! What am I supposed to do now? Go eat the second-best taco like some kinda asshole?”

Cousins Maine Lobster (Various Cities)

Founded in 2012, Cousins Maine Lobster (CML) gained major national attention in 2013 after being featured on the hit ABC series, “Shark Tank.” Ever the long way from Maine, the food truck’s home-away-from-home became West Hollywood. With lunch lines forming down the street, CML eventually opened its own brick-and-mortar to accompany its growing food truck franchise. Today, Cousins Maine Lobster is the leading provider of the freshest Maine lobster rolls on the west coast, sending fresh Maine lobster straight to California where it is served within 24 hours at east coast prices. Now located in over 10 major US cities, Cousins Maine Lobster may be the most significant franchise yet to come out of the food truck boom.

Señor Sisig (San Francisco)

Sometimes fusing two cultural foods can clash, but at Señor Sisig’s Filipino Fusion Food Truck in the San Francisco Bay Area — Mexican and Filipino collide to make some of the most delicious tacos and burritos you’ll ever taste. Combining classic Mexican taqueria menu items with their own take on the Filipino happy hour dish sisig, made of meaty pork shoulder rather than the traditional pig’s head recipe — Señor Sisig kills the game each mouth-watering ingredient at a time. Featured once on “Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives,” the two flavorful cultures are fused best in dishes like the Pork Sisig Tacos served with onions, lettuce & their incredible cilantro cream sauce; the Pork “Señor” Sisig Burrito with Adobo garlic rice, pinto beans, lettuce, pico de gallo & that amazing cilantro cream sauce; Adobo Chicken Wings served over seasoned shrimp chips; and a Filipino Sweet Pork Tosilog Burrito with adobo garlic rice, fresh tomatoes and a fried egg — which is only served on Tuesdays & Thursdays. Suffice to say, the Señor Sisig truck is amazing. Go eat there immediately!

Fishin' Ships (Portland, Maine)

Fishin’ Ships is a Portland, Maine based ocean-to-table food truck, that serves up locally sourced fish, battered in locally brewed beer. Are you hooked yet? At Fishin’ Ships, co-owners Arvid & Sam believe there’s no better way to pay tribute to Portland’s historic fishing industry than with classic street food fresh from the sea. Creating unique takes on culinary mainstays, Fishin’ Ships makes all of its menu items with fish from local waters, Maine-made craft beer batters and fresh, gourmet ingredients. The truck’s menu boasts two different kinds of Fish & Chips (classic or Thai basil & chili); Fish Tacos with homemade mango salsa and spicy aioli; Haddock and Bacon Croquettes; Curry-Fish Sliders; and a daily rotating Céviché. If fresh seafood from an awesome truck, made by amazing people sounds good to you — then Fishin’ Ships is the place to go.

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