Infinite Legroom

Origami Unicorn’s Travel Organizer Is Perfect for Those on the Go

Keep your goods compartmentalized and access them with ease.

Being well organized is a key aspect of everyday life, but especially while traveling. For that, you of course need the proper baggage to keep all of your belongings compartmentalized and easily accessible. This is where pieces like Origami Unicorn’s new travel organizer come into play.

The Travel Undergarment Organizer is designed for just that, your undergarments, but you can also store various other small items and articles of clothing inside. The foldable bag in turn acts as a portable closet while you’re on the go.

The bag has been constructed from water-resistant nylon and features a trio of mesh zip-entry pockets as well as six internal elastic pockets. A drawstring laundry bag is also included with the divider. Detachable handle straps then allow you to easily hang the organizer and access its contents.

You can purchase Origami Unicorn’s new Travel Undergarment Organizer today for $44.50.

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