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‘High’ Jinks in the Mile High City

A wide array of Denver's cannabis tourism.

With the legalization of marijuana throughout the state of Colorado, a number of everyday activities offered around the country have now become “weedified” for the state’s booming cannabis-tourism market. Otherwise predictable hobbies can now be enhanced simply with the addition of weed. Just as portrayed by Jon Stewart’s character in the stoner cult classic Half Baked — everything is better “on weeeeed.”

Whether you’re interested in cooking with cannabis, painting while smoking, learning how to blow glass, or even growing your own supply — Colorado’s capital city of Denver, also known as the Mile High City, offers the newest and most innovative cannabis tourist attractions around the state. Now hop in your old Volkswagen Bus and head to the Centennial State for some of the best and most-importantly, legal weed-based fun this side of Amsterdam. As long as you pace yourself, Denver will quickly become your new favorite vacation destination.

My 420 Tours

Recognized as the “original” and most attended pot tourism company in Colorado, at this point My 420 Tours makes a solid argument as the “premier cannabis tourism company in the world.” Offering the ultimate cannabis experience to hordes of Colorado tourists, media, investors, and fellow marijuana entrepreneurs from around the world — My 420 Tours takes guests from weed dispensaries to grow houses, and even the occasional brewery tour all within the comfort of a weed-friendly limousine. “My 420 Tours combines the best of Denver and infuses it with the Cannabis Industry’s exclusive insider experiences!”

Puff, Pass & Paint

Getting high and creating art is a tradition as old as drinking a beer while complaining about your job. However at Denver’s Puff, Pass & Paint — “the first ever cannabis-friendly, all-inclusive art class” — getting high and making art no longer needs to be done alone, within the comfort of your own home. In this 20-person, 2-hour smoking session/art class, attendees are welcome to follow along with the instructor step-by-step, or get lost within your their inspiration. Each class costs $49 and all participants must be 21 or over.

Colorado Cannabis Tour’s Glassblowing Classes

Perhaps getting high isn’t the only thing you enjoy about marijuana. Maybe you enjoy purchasing intricate marijuana paraphernalia, or the art behind creating it. For the uninitiated, glassblowing is a glassforming technique in which molten glass is inflated with a blowpipe. This is how items like bongs and pipes are created. In Colorado Cannabis Tour’s Glassblowing Classes, resident glassblower Chris Schutz will teach a class all of the basics before each student creates their own glass sculpture. However, these classes aren’t the cheapest cannabis-related activities in town. Flameworking 101 will run each student $199, while the more advanced 3-day Pipemaking 101 is $399.

Colorado Cannabis Tour’s Cannabis Cooking Classes

The aptly named Cannabis Kandice teaches this 2 and a half hour cannabis cooking class in which students will learn both basic and advanced cannabis culinary techniques. Either for a $84 public class or a $149 private class, students will learn how to make budder (weed butter), hard candies, confectioneries, entrees, and every stoners favorite… weed ice cream. All cooked within a “420 friendly industrial kitchen” — Colorado Cannabis Tour’s Cannabis Cooking Classes offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to cook all afternoon. Then treat yourself to your own edible delights, perfectly timed for consumption at 4:20pm.

The Grow School

Originated well before Colorado legalized marijuana, The Grow School “has been successfully teaching legal indoor and residential organic cannabis cultivation since 2010.” Offering both private and public 1-day GROW-101 “Hands-On” classes, in addition to 1-day online courses, The Grow School is one of, if not the best place in Denver to get your hands dirty and learn how to grow your own supply. Grow School courses range between $99-$149, including a 140-page Student Grow Guide E-Book and free 24/7 Garden Support. Enroll today to begin learning the art of growing “legal indoor and residential organic cannabis.”

Red Rocks Tailgating

Denver Marijuana Tours offer the ultimate concert tailgating experience by “provid[ing] 420 friendly transportation to Red Rocks, and it TOTALLY ROCKS!” Picking you up via shuttle and stopping off at a liquor store or dispensary along the way, Red Rocks Tailgating is truly the only way to experience one of the best live music venues in the country. Although the shuttle can only offer transportation for a maximum 7-person party, the service also provides coolers, camping chairs, ice, and any other tailgating necessities you can think of. During the concert, the shuttle driver waits for you and drives you home following the show. And for this 8-hour luxury service it’ll only set you back $299. Considering all of the perks and convenience, Denver Marijuana Tours’ Red Rocks Tailgating package is a steal. Plan ahead for your next concert with friends, today.

Primal Wellness

Visit Primal Wellness, one of Denver’s latest Cannabis Infusion Day Spas, for a day of pure relaxation. At Primal Wellness, a new cannabis infusion approach is taken to the more traditional day spa experience. The goal is to make guests as comfortable and educated as possible. Primal Wellness offers a variety of services including esthetician care, nail care, and a few different styles of massage — all with the added option of complimentary cannabis infusion.


Not only are Lisa and Joel Schneider successful marijuana entrepreneurs– they’re quite good with the weed-meets-hospitality puns too. Their latest venture is a pair of marijuana-friendly bed & breakfasts in Colorado, cleverly referred to as Bud+Breakfast. Their motto: “We’ll keep the bowl burning for you.” And every morning at the hotel’s “Wake & Bake breakfast sessions” they guarantee the “eggs are cracked and bowls are packed.” Joel, founder and CEO of The MaryJane Group, only got into the marijuana business in 2014, but he’s already shifting the hospitality paradigm in Colorado. Bud+Breakfast currently owns two properties, a 6-suite Victorian home in Denver, as well as a 4-suite mountain lodge in Silverthorne. The B+B’s guests range from 21 to as old as 80. The suites in Denver are all named after classical composers (Vivaldi, Handel, DeBussy) and can run between $179-$399 a night. At B+B, guests are welcomed to smoke in any an all common areas including the living room, dining room, and outdoor patio. See ya’ll at the “4/20 Happy Hour.”

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