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We Found the Best Sushi Bar and Saké Lounge in Palm Springs

Raw fish in the desert the ocean would be jealous of.

Okay, we know. When you think of the desert, fresh sushi is the last thing that comes to mind. But believe it or not, Palm Springs has incredible sushi to rival any coastal town at The Venue Sushi Bar and Saké Lounge.

Located on the chic and upscale El Paseo – the desert’s own Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue – The Venue stands from and center of the bustling street, overlooking its many art installations, night lights, and mix of eccentric locals and tourists alike. Walk inside to a mix of modern Japanese and California inspired decor, and hope you have a reservation or got lucky, because The Venue features small-batch seating spread over 3 options: inside, at the bar, and outside. 

Weather permitting, we recommend cozying up on the outdoor patio and soaking in the energy of the restaurant and El Paseo, a complimentary backdrop to the menu’s fusion of traditional and experimental rolls, appetizers, and entrees. All of which are as anchored in presentation as taste, emerging from the kitchen like vibrant juicy rainbows bouncing from jewels and clouds of rice. And if you’re a saké lover, you’re bound to find your new favorite here.

So forget about tacos and tequila being the true staples of California, because The Venue proves sushi and saké are reaching for the title.

The Venue Sushi Bar and Saké Lounge
73-111 El Paseo #103, 92260
Palm Desert, California 

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