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Iran’s Insanely Cool Ski Resort, Barin Hotel

A contemporary masterpiece in the Iranian mountains.

When you think of Iran, ski resorts are far from the first thing that comes to mind. So when we found the incredible Barin Hotel we were in shock. 

Found about an hour outside of the capital Tehran, Barin Hotel is nestled in the hear of the Alborz Mountains in the charming ski village of Shemshak at an altitude of over 2,500-meters. The hotel is modern experimental architecture and uses organic shapes and a pure white to both blend into the landscape while completely standing out. Inside is a cosmopolitan inspired marvel of massive suite-style rooms that look as if they could be on a spaceship. Is this Hoth circa 2040? 

Learn more about the Barin Hotel and Shemshak Ski Resort here, and maybe skip Vail and Whistler your next ski / snowboard trip. At least this once. 



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