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The Granary Is Shaping San Antonio’s BBQ Identity

A modern Texas BBQ experience.

Brothers Tim and Alex Rattray originally came up with the idea for the Granary in San Antonio after multiple weekend trips up to Austin for BBQ and brewery tours. We said, ‘You know, there’s no good barbecue in San Antonio — what if we did a place where you made everything in house, including the beer?'” And two years later the Granary was no longer an idea, but a reality. 

Both a restaurant and brewery, the Granary enjoys celebrating barbecue & beer individually, as well as collectively. Lunch is served in a traditional market style barbecue fashion, while dinner is more progressive, featuring a “seasonally-driven menu” and in-house craft beers. For the BBQ purist, lunch is the time for you to visit San Antonio; however for the more adventurous, a dinner reservation should be included in your next trip to Texas’ second-most populated city. Dishing out some of the best brisket, ribs, sausage and every side you can imagine — the Rattray brothers opened the Granary in 2012 and the beer and BBQ hasn’t stopped flowing since. While some BBQ lovers may look at the dinner menu with suspicion, the Rattray brothers insist that “95 percent of the menu involves some amount of smoking or live-fire cooking.”

“We saw barbecue as an avenue that hadn’t yet been pushed much beyond the traditional,” said Alex. “That was really Tim’s idea — he wanted to take something that was very familiar to people and do something a little different with it.” Five years later, the Rattray brothers have proven, and continue to do just that. Take the familiarities of Texas barbecue, and then do something new with it. A great example of this culinary ideology would be the Granary’s brisket ramen. You can try both the new and old at the restaurant that’s been steadily shaping San Antonio’s BBQ identity — The Granary. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, you’ll be leaving the Granary happy and excited to return soon for more.

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The Granary
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