Infinite Legroom

Take a Break in JetBlue’s New Napping Pods at JFK

The first of their kind in the U.S.

The process of flying is exhausting, especially if you have connecting flights or are going far. Add that to the lines, going through security, and finding your gate, an outlet, and a good place to eat, and it’s enough to drain anyone. Which is why we’re so excited about JetBlue’s brilliant new nap pods at JFK’s Terminal 5. 

Officially called EnergyPods, the high-tech pods designed by MetroNaps allow users to power nap for 20-minutes – the optimal napping time – in complete comfort for free. The pods isolate users in cozy black nothingness and wakes them up after their 20-minutes are up using soft lights, music, and vibrations. Each pod has built-in speakers and headphone jacks to block out any and all airport bustle. 

“At JetBlue we are always focused on making the most comfortable experience for our customers, both on and off the plane. We are thrilled to be the first commercial airline to bring EnergyPods to our terminal and give customers the chance to nap, recharge and reenergize so they can leave feeling refreshed to take on whatever journey awaits them,” explained JetBlue’s director of corporate social responsibility. 

Read more about JetBlue’s nap pods via the official press release here, and maybe pack pajamas in your carry-on. 


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