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Swim in Paris’s Iconic Seine River for the First Time Ever

The City of Light is yours.

Paris may be regarded as a place where haute couture and nose-in-the-sky realness run rampant, but it’s regressing progressing to the opposite in a v Walt Whitman way: the city is becoming a jungle utopia where pedestrians can roam freely. Okay, that’s a bit overboard. But they are shutting down the famous streets of Champs-Elysées to cars once a month so people can fill the roads without worry. And now they’re getting the Seine ready to swim in. 

By as early as next year (2017), the Seine will be clean enough to enjoy (for more than just its beauty). So now all of those romantic river-side picnics of baguettes, wine, and cheese can end with a refreshing dip for dessert. Just give yourself 30-minutes to digest in between. Or don’t. It’s Paris! C’est la vie!

Paris is making a strong bid for the 2024 Olympics, so this is just one of the many epic makeovers they’re going through – learn more via Condé Nast Traveler here



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