Infinite Legroom

Watch Out for Fake Outlets at Airports

A prank you don't want to fall for.

You know how it is. You’re either between flights and your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, i.e. source of entertainment, is dying, or you passed out the night before and forgot to charge them, so you’re running around the gate trying to find the perfect open outlet to sit by. Better figure it out quick, because your flight’s now boarding and you don’t want to be stuck in a seat for hours with nothing to do.

Then there’s a ray of hope, an unoccupied outlet next to a chair. You race to plug-in before anyone else spots it. Success. You’re saved! You made it. Wait. It’s not plugging. What’s going on here? Is this hell? 

No. And sorry, but you’ve been pranked. Don’t blame yourself. It’s as easy to fall for as it is to pull off. So here’s a warning to every airport terminal around the world, watch the video below and prepare for the coming of this viral trick.  

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