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This Is What Airplane Food Looked Like in the 60s

Onboard smörgåsbord.

Airplane food: the dreaded cuisine, the punchline in jokes, the meal you wish you could avoid, but you’re stuck in the sky and starving. In recent years, a few airlines have gone out of their way to make their dishes better – all eyes on you and your Michelin chef, Air France – but for the most part, airplane food still sucks. But it didn’t always.

Photos from the 60s of Scandinavian Airlines serving meals to passengers inflight recently surfaced in celebration of the airline’s 70th birthday, and they’re astonishing. The food cart we’re used to was a literal food cart being pushed by a chef with a buffet of meat offerings hanging like a portable Italian deli. Everything looks so fresh and plentiful, lobster, steak, bread, cheese, and real silverware and plates! Every traveler smiling while they feast – a pairing you don’t often see when flying today.

In fact, the airplane food in these photos look so delicious I would actually pay to eat at that restaurant. Maybe.

Check out the photos in the gallery above, and see more vintage images from the golden age of flight here


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