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The World’s Most Beautiful Airports to Fly Into

The top scenic spots to land in.

First impressions are everything. So if you’re flying somewhere new and begin your descent within a stunning setting, you know you’re about to land some place wonderful. In this case, do judge a book by its cover in appreciating the world’s most picturesque airports to land in. 

What makes the best places to land? Airports with landing strips that are like islands completely surrounded by water, ones that are surrounded by mountain peaks and or lush forest and vegetations, and ones that force incoming planes to drift over velvet beaches so closely they might as well put down a towel and tan. So who wins?

Coming in at 10th place is the London City Airport in England, 3rd goes to Queenstown Airport in New Zealand, 2nd to Nice Cote D’Azur Airport in France, and 1st is the Malta International Airport. 

Read the full list of the top 10 most scenic airport approaches via CNN here, and get ready for your local airport to feel even more boring. If possible. 

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