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Icarus’ Tour Essentials for Life on the Road

Travel just like the DJ duo.

Brothers Tom and Ian Griffiths, better known throughout the music world as British DJ duo, Icarus, have shared many adventures together throughout their lives. None more recently than the past two years since the duo released their debut smash hit, “All Night.” Landing perfectly within the middle of the deep house revolution, over the years Icarus have taken advantage of their popular sound by steadily releasing new music and constantly touring.

The duo is now cruising off the success of their latest track, “Home” — which was recently named Annie Mac’s Hottest Record. A “far more progressive [track] than their [past] releases,” Icarus remain focused on creating and touring music, in addition to “trying to connect with a fanbase that will stay with you wherever you want to take your music.” The duo continue to follow the principle that “having a fanbase who truly believes in your music and who will follow you through the different stages of your career is crucial. That’s what [we all] strive for.”

Infinite Legroom recently had a chance to sit down with the buzzing British DJ duo to discuss travel essentials when touring the world. Here are ten things they determined to be absolutely necessary to surviving life on the road.

You can keep up with Icarus’ new music and travels on TwitterFacebookInstagram and SoundCloud.

ACS Custom Earplugs

Taking care of your hearing is very important – especially if music is your career! We always wear these custom ear plugs when DJing. They also help when you’re trying to sleep on plane journeys!


Sunglasses are a must when it comes to traveling. Also handy for the return journey if you’ve been up all night! So we hear.

iPad Mini

This mini version is slimline and lightweight, making it perfect for taking on the road. Watching films on it can help alleviate boredom on long journeys and it handily doubles up as a mixer screen for using with your DAW!

Zoom H4N Field Recorder

We’ve used this a lot whilst traveling in places like America and Australia. It’s inspiring capturing ambience, nature, conversations, etc. Incorporating our own field recordings into our music is a cool way of making something unique.

Sound on Sound Magazine

We’re always looking to learn and improve when it comes to making music and SOS is an amazing resource for everything music production. We’re really into our studio gear as well and SOS always feature the best stuff!

UAD Satellite

We recently started using some of the UAD stuff in the studio and we love it. The Satellite makes it easy for us to use the same plug-ins on the road as we have in the studio.

5 A Day

We tend to try and steer clear of the classic ‘tour diet’ when traveling. We do our best to make sure we eat as healthily as possible whilst away, but it’s not always easy!

Apogee Duet

Really easy interface to set up and use quickly for recording on the move. It’s bus powered which makes it ideal for taking on the road.


We’re big whisky fans! One major perk of traveling is duty free and we’ll always try to find time to grab a bottle of something we’ve not tried before!

Comfortable Trainers

Comfort when traveling is paramount! A sturdy set of creps are a must have for long journeys.

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