Infinite Legroom

Ditch Dirty Seat-Back Pockets and Travel With Airpocket

A new portable carrying case to replace seat-back pockets.

Isn’t it so awesome when you start getting organized in your airplane seat, and you find gum stuck inside of the back-seat pocket’s barf-bag? Or you take out the airline’s magazine before take-off and find all the crosswords are finished and some pages are ripped out? Who touched this stuff before you? What if they were, like, sneezing on their hands or sick or something? Ugh. Thankfully you’ll never have to worry about that again with Airpocket.

Airpocket is an external neoprene zip-pocket that fits in the seat-back pockets perfectly, so you can travel with all of the things you like to have accessible from your seat in the airpocket and simply pop it in the seat-back when you sit down. Then you know you teen dating violence statitics have all of your carry-on essentials at a quick arms-length away, without anyone else’s germs, forgotten objects, or other surprises.

Airpocket also protects sensitive objects, such as touch screens, features an organized internal layout so nothing gets messy, and it’s extremely lightweight and durable. And to save room, you don’t even need to put it in your backpack or suitcase, it attaches right to your luggage handle for maximum convenience and space efficiency. Or, you can use its detachable trap to carry it like a messenger bag.

Get your Airpocket now for about $56 here, and enjoy the newfound freedom.

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