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Must-Visit Destinations on Earth that Look Alien

Otherworldly places in our world.

You can visit the world’s best beaches, but they’re still just beaches. You can swim in the clearest waters and climb the highest mountains, but they’re still just water and mountains. For your next vacation try something out of the ordinary, something out of this world, by exploring one of these surreal places that appear more science fiction than fact. But despite how wild they look, they’re still very real.

Like Chamarel, Mauritius where folded hills of purple, red, and blue lands are bumped and lumped with deep wrinkles, making the area look like a pug’s face turned into a colorful mountain. Canada’s Devon Island is basically Mars and hasn’t changed in 39-million years (making it the perfect place for NASA to test Mars related projects on), while Cape Verde’s Fogo Island must be Jupiter – a strange black and red dusted island that’s really just one giant volcano. And it’s still active.

There’s a lake in Senegal that runs as red as blood, cascading into what looks like clumps of marshmallow, and there’s another lake in Russia that freezes for nearly half the year and pushes up diamond like ice formations that jut through the snow when it does. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Explore Earth’s strangest and most amazing otherworldly travel destinations here via CNN, and maybe skip the city on your next trip. 

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