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Walk the Knife-Edge of the Food World With Taste Talks

A new website "bringing you what's next in food."

It’s easy to get stuck in your bubble. Not a tangible bubble – though if you’re at Bar 54 with a good drink on a cold night then yes – but we’re talking about the bubble that keeps you in your comfort zone, separated from things you’re not used to. I mean, you know what you like so why leave it? You love pizza so when you’re hungry why not find the pizza place you love. Because, boring. That’s why. Which is why we’re so excited about the just launched Taste Talks site, because it’ll expose you to the latest and greatest in food and drink. 

Prior to the site launch, Taste Talks put on some of our favorite foodie festivals in the country by “celebrating the future of taste through symposia, tastings, dinners and parties,” and working with culinary legends ranging from musicians like Questlove and Action Bronson to celebrity chefs like Dominique Ansel and Mario Batali. And now they’ve harnessed all of their past experiences, connections, and finger-on-the-pulse knowledge into one seamless online platform that presents visitors with the tools to lead them to new food and drink moments unlike anything they’ve had. So sure, that pizza spot is consistent. But wouldn’t you rather have your mind blown? 

Explore Taste Talks and start planning your next culinary adventure here, but only if you’ve eaten. We’re trying to keep your keyboard drool free. 

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