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Take a Trip to the Moroccan Desert and Seaside

These photos showcase the true beauty of the country.

Morocco is a North African country bordering the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. It is in turn, distinguished by its Arabian and European cultural influences. While you may not immediately think of Morocco when researching for that next foreign getaway, these photos from Berlin-based photographer and videographer Svenja Trierscheid may have you leaning towards a trip after all.

Not only does the country boast beautiful seaside views, but it also calls home to a number of mountain ranges and the Moroccan desert. Quite frankly, there is an abundance of nature to take in, all of which is unique to itself.

The rich colors of the outdoor scenery made for some great photographs by Trierscheid, who captured various aspects of the country, its people and structures. Svenja took each photo using an analog 35mm camera.

To get a feel for the Moroccan desert and seaside, scan through the imagery above.

via [Highsnobiety]

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