Infinite Legroom

Would You Want This “Smart” Tray Table On Your Next Flight?

"Intelligent tray tables that transform the passenger experience in a BYOD (bring your own device) environment."

With the insane technological advancements popping up nonstop it only makes sense to think the entire world is about to be upgraded. Everything you’re used to will change. That chair you’re sitting on? It’ll probably float, transform into a couch, and charge your iPhone 18+. And that door you walked through? It’ll open upon recognizing your specific pheromones and possibly transport you too. Hey, there’s no rules to sci-fi, and we’re about to be in it. But for now we’re taking baby steps, like finally upgrading the tray table with the revolutionary SmartTray.

SmartTray is a proposed modern upgrade to the tray tables in buses, trains, planes, etc, where the traditional tray table is reimagined to support mobile devices such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, by mounting and charging them in a way that maximizes space and allows you to use them and the table itself with the utmost comfort and convenience. The SmartTrays are designed differently based on class and mode of transportation, but they are all an unprecedented “low-tech, high touch solution.”

So put your tray table up and lock it into the seat in front of you, then pick up the entire seat and throw it out the window. Because SmartTray wins.

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