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Google Introduces New “Destinations on Google” Travel Planner

Your virtual travel agent has arrived.

Google continues to make it easier for you to book travel, now introducing a new mobile feature dubbed “Destinations on Google.” Destinations on Google acts as a virtual travel agent, advising you on where and when to travel, as well as combining destinations and in turn providing a clear and concise itinerary.

Destinations on Google isn’t an app you need to download, however. You simply use Google’s search like you ordinarily would. By including the word “destination” in your search, Google will then pull up the new feature and provide you with information on your chosen or searched location. Details will include the cheapest time of year to visit, average price of flights, average cost of a three-star hotel and more.

Once you’ve chosen a desired destination and you want to begin detailing your getaway, you can toggle (at the top of the screen) between dates, budget and interests. This will allow you to plan various activities during your trip.

If you’re one of those people who still actually uses (real life) travel agents, no judgements here, but there are other alternatives. We highly suggest trying out Google’s new “Destinations on Google” travel planner.

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via [Travel and Leisure]

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