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Are These High-Tech Headsets the Future of Inflight Entertainment?

Alone in the sky with a movie.

And in the blink of an eye, the latest in inflight entertainment technology has already been surpassed, and just as we were reveling in Virgin America’s RED touchscreen systems with streaming Netflix and Spotify. Because Skylights Theater has just changed onboard entertainment forever.

Imagine Skylights Theater like a virtual reality system in the sense that it’s a pair of portable glasses that covers half of your face. The glasses block out any and all surroundings (bye snoring person in the middle seat) and immerse the user in a cinematic 2D/3D experience. The inner screen is high-definition and wide-angle with 720p resolution and audio isolation with HQ sound, while the entire system is extremely lightweight, durable, and comfortable, at only 280-grams. 

Skylights Theater has enough battery to last for around 8 hours of viewing, and enough memory to hold 40-HD films. Which is huge. So basically, you’ll forget you’re in a plane and you’ll be totally in the moment of whatever you’re watching, which is probably the best way to make flights feel faster ever. 

Currently, Skylights Theater is being trialled by XL Airways, but we expect these to get picked up for a mainstream market sooner than later. Learn more here



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