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Terrible Inflight Wi-Fi is Nearing Extinction

Soon to be buried with Sega Game Gears and ethernet cables.

There are very few things more infuriating than paying for inflight Wi-Fi then trying to work (or play) only to find it’s so slow that nothing will load and you can barely do a thing. What’s the point of internet if it won’t internet? Thankfully Gogo is partnering with global satellite operator SES SA to get your browsing speeds up like your altitude. 

Programmed to work in coalition with their state-of-the-art 2ku satellites, the new system will boost connectivity on routes in the Americas, the Caribbean, and the North Atlantic as soon as 2017, adding Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa shortly after. 

In addition to Gogo’s move towards infinitely better onboard internet, JetBlue is also revamping their systems with an accelerated service called FlyFi. Essentially, slow inflight Wi-Fi won’t be a thing within the next year or so. Yup, it’s a good time to be a traveler.

Read Gogo and SES SA’s official press release here

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