Infinite Legroom

Ski on the Rooftops of Finland’s Luxurious Koutalaki Resort

Putting the 'fun' in functional architecture.

Koutalaki Ski Village is a new all in one winter wonderland resort in Finland, and it’s the future of travel destinations.

The brilliantly designed village is a utopian vision of leisure and recreation where modern architecture backdrops an icy complex of markets, restaurants, bars, shopping, entertainment, and accommodations ranging from hotel rooms to private luxury villas. And woven through this village is a network of ski and snowboard slopes with the roof doubling as an alpine skiing hill itself. It’s the kind of place you’d never think was possible 20 years ago, but in the same breath it brings Finnish traditions to life, merging the old comforts of the mountains with technology and style only possible now, amounting to an epic vacation. 

So enjoy a beer and a hot tub while looking out into the frost covered wilderness after riding down the roof before getting ready for dinner, or skip it all and get a massage at the spa. However you spend your time at Koutalaki Ski Village is up to you. 


Koutalaki Ski Village
Sinikalliontie 14 B, 02630
Espoo, Finland 
Tel. 09.549.1911

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