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Indulge in New American Gourmet at Saison San Francisco

A modern tasting menu experience for the affluent foodie.

Remember when California’s The French Laundry opened? Neither do we, because it feels like it’s been part of the fabric of America’s food scene (and the world’s at large) since the beginning of time – like how Madonna feels in music – with an influence that goes beyond their dishes into culinary culture itself. San Francisco’s Saison SF exists in the same realm, where it’s making such an impact that it’s already on its way to timeless.

Even though Saison SF’s dress code is listed as “come as [you] are,” there’s nothing casual about it, as the full dining experience with the recommended 18-course tasting menu is $398 per person. Don’t worry, you’re not dropping nearly half a thousand dollars on strange and experimental dishes that’ll scare you: the chefs note your dietary restrictions and preferences to customize a perfect meal tailored to your tastes. The dishes are inspired new American concoctions, and the ingredients are seasonal. Not surprising as Saison translates to “season” in French, a representation of the restaurant’s “commitment to constant change, evolution, and honoring the very best of each moment.”

So honor the very best of your moments and book a night to remember at Saison SF here, because in the end it’s the extra that makes life extraordinary. 

Saison SF
178 Townsend St, 94107
San Francisco, California 

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