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Watch the Sunrise with a Craft Beer at Dead or Alive, Palm Springs

Without ever leaving the bar.

We don’t mean sunrise as in the sun actually rising, we’re talking about one of the focal design features of Palm Spring’s newest bar, Dead or Alive: a large glowing orb at the end of the bar that slowly shifts through oranges, reds, and purples from opening to closing. 

The quirky 21-seat bar serves up rare and small-batch beers and wines on an exclusively curated menu that changes week-to-week based on seasonal freshness and availability. With no gimmicks (or cocktails), Dead or Alive is for the connoisseurs and aficionados, but equally so, it’s for locals looking for a cool and hip yet low-key place to kick back with a special drink… one they can’t find anywhere else. 

Dead or Alive is open from 5pm to 2am every day of the year, so when you’re in Palm Springs be sure to go before dinner as a pre-game, after dinner for the main chill, or just stay there all evening watching the orb drift from beer amber to merlot red. 

Dead or Alive
150 East Palm Canyon Drive
Palm Springs, California 
Tel. 385.645.3323

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