Infinite Legroom

New Airplane Design with Detachable Cabin for Safely Landing in Emergencies

Could this be the end of plane crashes?

This forward-thinking design for a safer breed of airplanes could change the way we fly forever. At least we hope it does.

Fashioned by Ukrainian aviation engineer Tatarenko Vladimir Nikolaevich, the new plane features a detachable cabin that ejects during emergencies, then uses specialized parachutes to softly saunter down to the earth’s surface with shock absorbent pads that keep the landing smooth on ground and allow the cabin to float on water. Even your luggage will be unharmed, as it’ll be stored in the same detachable cabin, under the floor of the passengers. 

So is it legit? Will it start showing up in the fleets of major airlines? Only time will tell. But for now, you can watch how it works in the video below. And keep your seatbelt fastened. 

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