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10 Signs You Need To Take a Vacation ASAP

Rest, relax and recharge.

No matter the time of year, on occasion, you just need to pack up and get away from your day to day life. After all, it is indeed like they say — all work and no play makes jack a dull boy. Some people, however, are straight up workaholics. 

If you’ve been wondering when the best time for a vacation is, however — in terms of your stress level and need for escape — there are some signs that you can look out for. You shouldn’t simply head to that same spot on the beach every summer during the same week. You may need to break things up a bit, and leave some money for a rainy day, last minute vacay. Because when the kids become just too much at home, or your boss is being even more of a dick than normal, you need to be able to pack that suitcase and set out for adventure on a week or two’s notice.

In short, be sure to take some notes while scrolling through this editorial, as we showcase signs that you should go ahead and take that much-needed vacation.

You find yourself drunk dialing your travel agent on weekends.

Again, the subconscious knows. We just hope your incoherent babblings don’t deter your agent from getting you those top notch deals.

You find yourself wearing boardshorts to work on accident.

Sometimes your subconscious lets you know what’s up. This would be one of those occasions. And, boardshorts are still too casual for casual Friday, too. Take all that to the coast.

You've been asked to star in the new Casper film.

No one should ever be that pale, fam. Get out and get some sun, period.

You're carrying a flask everywhere you go.

When certain people get stressed, they of course tend to drink. And if it’s been years since that last vacation, you may find yourself carrying a flask around pretty much everywhere in order to take your mind off things. This is undoubtedly no good for anyone.

You found a family of rats living in your suitcase that you thought you had lost.

Again, this is a clear sign it’s been far, far too long. Use that luggage more often, guys.

You made a custom dartboard with your boss' face on it.

Boss got you stressed tf out? There’s a quick fix for that, and no, it’s not pinning his face to your dartboard. How about snag the fam and head out for vacation. Makes sense, huh? A little R&R does wonders.

You haven't taken a sick day in 5+ years.

Much like that overgrown piggy bank, there’s no need to hoard sick days. They’re there for a reason — for you to take advantage of. Plus, we doubt your employer will let you stock pile those and then go on a four month hiatus. Just use ’em.

Your vacay piggy bank is the size of an actual pig.

No need to continue to hoard that vacation fund money. Let your wife and kids enjoy the fruits of your labor, and treat them with that cash that you’ve been saving for years now. Your piggy bank should never get that big.

You haven't talked to your kids in weeks other than to delegate chores.

Tension tends to be at an all time high whenever you’ve had no time off from work. Often times, those closest around you are then subject to your frustrations. Please, don’t take it out on your kids, guys. Get away for a while and woosah.

Your most recent vacation photos are all Polaroids.

Now we’re not talking about one of those trendy Polaroid cameras that hipsters use nowadays. If the last time you were on vacation, a Polaroid camera was basically your only option for documenting, you may want to think about planning a getaway. It’s been far too long, fam.

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