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Eat at D.O.M., The #1 Rated Restaurant in South America

And one of the best in the world.

If you’re ready to leave everything you know about dining behind then get ready for Sao Paulo’s D.O.M., Restaurant Magazine’s best restaurant in South America since 2006, San Pellegrino’s 4th best restaurant in the world in 2012 (and continually ranked top 10 every year since), and the recipient of 2 Michelin Stars. Yeah… It’s great.  

But it’s much more than just being great. It’s a complete experience where you let go of your usual eating habits to give in to the whim of the chef, Alex Atala AKA the Gordon Ramsey of Brazil. But cooler. Atala is “known for transforming traditional Brazilian dishes, adopting French and Italian culinary techniques to native Brazilian ingredients.” And when he’s not on TV, he’s in the kitchen at D.O.M. hand-crafting the personally tailored tasting menus. 

No picking a greasy appetizer to share along with an entree here, diners must pick either a vegetarian or non-vegetarian tasting menu consisting of multiple courses, let your waiter know any specific things you don’t eat, and sit back and wait for your head to literally explode all over the table. Oh wait, we forgot a step. As soon as you arrive, order a cocktail. We recommend the namesake D.O.M. Also, have you ever had oil in your drink?

As the courses arrive you’ll first notice how artistic the plating is, the imagination and delicacy are masterful. One dish is simply a solitary watercress spotted with mustard seeds, but it’s placed on a thin plastic film over a bowl giving it the illusion of floating. Another is the vibrant Flower Ceviche served in a stone avocado. And then there’s the palate cleanser of meringue topped with 2 golden ants from the Amazon… Mmmmm, they’re packed with protein! 

The ingredients at D.O.M. are all locally sourced from Brazil, and Atala invites you to explore exactly where they’re from on D.O.M.’s website via an interactive map here.

So it’s probably safe to see this is where Gisele and Tom go when they’re in town. Along with anyone else who’s anyone. 

Rua Barão de Capanema, 549 
Jardins, São Paulo, SP, Brazil
Tel: +55(11)3088.0761

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