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Tampa International Airport Plans on Adding Over 4,600 New Charging Outlets

Charge up in Tampa!

Walking past a group of people crouched around a floor-level outlet charging their phones has become a common occurrence at most airports. While Tampa International Airport currently houses 237 work stations containing outlets across its busy terminal, a new $1 billion renovation plan aims to add 299 more work stations, totaling up to 4,683 new outlets and USB ports. 

Additional outlets throughout the airport will also be added to pylons (towers), as well as between seat rows for even more convenience. Each tower will include four outlets and four USB ports. “We have a lot of airside functional improvements on tap. One of the biggest ones is increasing the number of power outlets and USB ports available at the airsides and especially at the holding areas,” said airport spokesman Danny Valentine. “This was really done to address the passengers’ need to charge their phones and computers… It’s really frustrating when you go to the airport and you are unable to charge your phone. It’s all about improving the customer experience.” Tampa International also plans to add more seating, children’s play areas, improved bathrooms, and new concessions options. 

Visit the city of Tampa next year and enjoy all of the charging options its airport will soon offer. Apparently all air travelers want these days is thousands of electrical outlets and USB ports at each gate. Nothing too needy. And now hopefully there will be no more painfully sitting on the floor prior to your uncomfortable flight. Beginning next year, just plug in and check out.

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