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Stay and Spa at the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Switzerland

After multiple awards for nearly all of its accommodations, from service to rooms to spa to restaurant, Tschuggen is as appealing as ever.

The Tschuggen Grand Hotel is in Switzerland, and it is very Swiss, but it’s also something else altogether. Something without place or time. Because the Tschuggen is possibly the most out-there hotel we’ve ever seen, completely blurring the lines between accommodations and art. 

Located in the heart of the Graubünden mountains, the Tschuggen is an enchanting architectural masterpiece of rhythmic color and harsh curves contrasted against the deep white blankets and dense greens of the forested alps. Textures and patterns criss and cross throughout the property’s 130 guestrooms all the way to its world-renowned Michelin Starred Mediterranean restaurant, La Vetta. The hotel has ski-in and ski-out access, swimming pools, a fitness center, and its own state-of-the-art monorail system with the cutest little luxe carts labeled “Tschuggen Express.” The area also offers up a load of high-intensity outdoor activities like hot-air ballooning, horse races on a frozen lake, paragliding, sledding, hockey, skating, golfing, and fishing, but the biggest star of this award-winning hotel is its spa

Leave the lobby through a private glass walkway and enter an ultramodern complex built right into the mountain for tailored treatments beneath vibrant glass and steel pods emitting shifting waves of light to set a mood of utter bliss: you’re in Tschuggen’s hands now, there’s nothing left to do but melt. 

Tschuggen Grand Hotel
Sonnenbergstrasse, Arosa
GR, 7050, Switzerland
Tel. 866.299.2910‎



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