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Explore the Eerie Corvin Castle of Transylvania

100% where Dracula is from.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) for Romania’s tourism industry, when people hear Transylvania they think of Dracula, Frankenstein, and horror movies in general. I’m sure in people’s minds, they imagine the city as it would’ve been in the Middle Ages, with nothing but village huts among towering medieval castles within dense forest. Sorry, but Transylvania is actually a modern city with an emerging arts scene, delicious regional fare, and fascinating local culture. Though that doesn’t mean their vampiric history is gone. On the contrary, they still have a collection of intact castles that inspired the folklore. And one of their most amazing specimens is the Corvin Castle

The Corvin Castle, also known as Hunyad Castle, is among the largest in Europe and sits high atop a rocky bluff in the heart of Transylvania with no way to access it other than a menacingly thin bridge. And whereas most castles from the same time (15th century) are in ruins, Corvin Castle has been restored to look as if it hasn’t aged. Though maybe it can’t… this place is likely immortal. 

Visually it’s such a perfect example of exactly how you’d expect it to look that it’s almost a parody of itself, the epitome of an ancient gothic castle. But there’s nothing funny about what’s inside: there’s an intact dungeon, bear pit, and torture chamber, just steps away from the regal Knight’s hall. And it’s all yours to tour.

Hell, if you want you can even film in Corvin Castle for around $235 an hour, rent the chapel for $160 an hour, or simply tour it for around $5. More info here

Corvin Castle 
Strada Castelului 1-3
Hunedoara 331141
Transylvania, Romania
Tel. +40.786.048.718

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