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Curious Dining Customs From Around the World

Well, curious to us.

Just like the kinds of cuisines differ from place to place, as does the culinary culture and customs. It’s wild how we can cross an invisible line and be dining on foods we’ve never even known existed in restaurants we couldn’t have imagined. But no matter where we end up or what’s on the menu, we’ll always approach our meals in the same ways we always have and eat how we were taught to in our native country’s. However, we could be cluelessly offending locals by not adapting to their traditions.

For example, in France it’s impolite to hide your hands from the table. Instead, keep them by the sides of your plate or in the space between the table and your mouth. In Britain, asparagus is finger food, so don’t take your fork or knife to them. Want to make a toast in Hungary? Make sure no one in your party has beer on hand, because here you only cheers with liqueurs, wines, cocktails and other alcoholic beverages. And in Thailand be sure not to ever put a fork to your mouth, that’s the spoons job. The fork is only for getting your food on the spoon.

Is this making anyone else hungry? Check out all 10 unique dining customs in the gallery above, via Design Taxi




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