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Mark Redito (fka Spazzkid) Dishes on Los Angeles’ Best Filipino Food

Great food spanning from Manila to West Covina.

Mark Redito, fka Spazzkid, is a Los Angeles-based Filipino musician best known for producing a mix of electropop, J-pop, and beat music. After recently changing his Spazzkid stage name back to his birth name, Redito is currently preparing for a monthlong tour across the states.

In addition to the tour, Redito is also releasing a brand new single, “So Many Things To Tell You,” on November 13th via IHEARTCOMIX‘s IHC 1nfinity Club. Before he headed out on tour, Redito took the time to talk to Infinite Legroom about his favorite places in Los Angeles to get back in touch with his Filipino cuisine roots.

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The Park's Finest

The Park’s Finest is a hip Filipino-inspired BBQ joint in Echo Park. A “Southeast Asian Island take on a backyard boogie”. They’re known for their bibingka cornbread, tri-tip and the coconut beef. The portions are great and I’m always left feeling stuffed.

The Park’s Finest
1267 W Temple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90026
Tel. (213) 481-2800


Anyone who’s my friend knows that Jollibee is my favorite spot. Jollibee is a Filipino fast food joint that serves Filipino versions of American food. My favorite thing to get is their fried chicken aka “Chickenjoy.” I’ll have that with a side of white rice and gravy. If I was to choose my last meal, I’d choose Chickenjoy.

3821 Beverly Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tel. (323) 906-8617

Gerry's Grill

Gerry’s Grill is a Filipino bar and grill. I remember spending a lot of time here hanging with friends when I lived in Manila, so I was very excited to try the US version. I’d say it does a pretty good job. The place has a laid-back fun atmosphere. The Crispy Pata (Crispy Pork Knuckles), Garlic Rice, Bicol Express is also spot on! Chase it down with ice-cold San Miguel beer and you’re good.

Gerry’s Grill
11710 South Street
Artesia CA 90701
Tel. (562) 403-1000 / (562) 402-1982

Seafood City Supermarket

There are quite a few Seafood City Supermarkets all over California serving the Filipino-American community since 1989. The sights and smell in the market totally remind me of home. I go whenever I need specific ingredients for Filipino dishes that aren’t available at your neighborhood supermarket (like Bagoong, Tuyo, Durian etc). Their food court is tasty and affordable too!

Seafood City
2700 Colorado Blvd #140
Los Angeles, CA 90041
Tel. (323) 543-2660

Chow King

Chow King is a fast food franchise from the Philippines that serves Filipino-Chinese food. I heard it’s owned by the same people as Jollibee. Their fried chicken is amazing, but my favorite thing to get is their breakfast. I usually get the Beef Tapa with Fried Egg, Fried Rice and a side of Shu Mai. Dip the tapa and the shu-mai in a soy sauce + spicy vinegar mix — so good! My mouth is watering just imagining it.

Chow King
205 Vermont Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90004
Tel. (213) 380-0185

Itoy Sa Atin

Itoy Sa Atin is a Homestyle Filipino restaurant. Getting food here is very similar to being at a food court. You go up to the counter and point at dishes you like, somebody gets it for you, pay for your food, and grab a seat. Since it’s home-style, there’s a lot of food here that caters to traditional tastes. The food is tasty and the price is affordable. I like getting fish dishes and veggies here.

Itoy Sa Atin
1559 Amar Road
West Covina, CA 91792
Tel. (626) 810-1883

Max's Restaurant

Max’s is a family-style Filipino restaurant known for their fried chicken. Theirs is not a breaded crispy kind but more a straight simple fried bird. Dip the chicken in banana ketchup and add a bit of Worcestershire sauce — I know it’s a weird combo, but it’s really good! This place is nostalgic for me as I remember a lot of family parties and dinners being held here. Other Filipino dishes like Kare-kare and Sinigang are also on point here.

Max’s Restaurant
313 W Broadway
Glendale, CA 91204
Tel. (818) 637-7751

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